Monday, March 8

I-35 exit and entrance ramps to be relocated at FM 2252 and FM 1103

On March 10, 2021, starting at 8:30 p.m. several ramp closures will be in place on I-35 between FM 2252/FM 482 and FM 1103 (Hubertus Road). Ramp closures are necessary so crews can build the new northbound exit ramp from I-35 to FM 1103 (Hubertus Road), along with the new southbound entrance ramp from I-35 to FM 2252/FM 482. Work will consist of constructing new ramps, retaining walls, drainage structures and pavement. The ramp closures will be in place for approximately two to three months. Completion of work is dependent on weather.

I-35 Northbound:
Closure - The existing entrance ramp at FM 2252/FM 482 to I-35 northbound will be closed.
Detour - To access I-35 northbound from FM 2252/FM 482:
  • Northbound traffic on I-35 at FM 2252/FM 482 will continue north on the frontage road.
  • Traffic can access the I-35 northbound entrance ramp just past FM 1103 (Hubertus Road).

I-35 Southbound:
Closure - The existing exit ramp at FM 2252/FM .482 from I-35 southbound will be closed.
Detour - To access FM 2252 (Hubertus Road)/FM 482 from I-35 southbound:
  • From I-35 Southbound, take Exit 178 (FM 1103/Hubertus Road).
  • Travel along the I-35 South frontage road to reach FM 2252 (Hubertus Road) / FM 482.

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