Wednesday, May 22

Prepping for the next big change on I-10 Huebner

The next major milestone on the I-10 Huebner project is the repair of the east-bound bridge over the Fredericksburg Road connector.

Between Huebner Road and DeZavala, Fredericksburg Road (Loop 345) connects to I-10. The north-bound lanes of Fredericksburg Road run under I-10 to connect with the west-bound access road. This bridge on I-10 is where the work will be done. Work will begin the night of June 7.

Work on the east-bound bridge deck over the north-bound Fredericksburg Road connector is set to start the night of June 7.
The work on the Fredericksburg Road overpass requires a few different closures, and a rather unique detour plan....
  • The right lane of the I-10 main lanes will be closed
  • The north-bound Fredericksburg Road connector (to west-bound I-10 frontage road) will be closed
  • The left two main lanes of I-10 will be shifted and squeezed
  • The right lane of the I-10 main lanes will take the Huebner Road exit and re-enter the main lanes before reaching Huebner
  • East-bound traffic to USAA will not be able to use the Frontage Road exit; east-bound USAA traffic will need to take the Huebner Road exit to reach their destinations
  • North-bound Fredericksburg Road traffic will get onto the east-bound frontage road of I-10, then take the turnaround at Huebner Road to reach the east-bound frontage road of I-10
If that doesn't make total sense, take a look:

A look at all the changes that will envelop the segment of I-10 between DeZavala and Huebner Roads.
 Once the bridge deck on the right side is repaired, we'll switch over and start working on the left side. The two active lanes on the bridge deck will be moved over accordingly. Everything else will stay the same.

We expect this work to take the duration of the summer. In fact, that's why we're starting June 7 - in order to capitalize on the lighter traffic flow we see when school is out (June 6 is the last day of school for Northside Independent School District...).

To prepare for this work (and some work on the concrete median barrier running through the same area), crews have started to move construction barrier from the UTSA area - where we're pretty much finished working on the center median barrier - to the Fredericksburg Road overpass. We're doing this work at night this week, using some overnight lane closures to get things done.

When June 7 comes, we'll spend the first night setting up the closure, and a bridge demolition crew will immediately begin wrecking out the area we're replacing. Once the wrecking crew finishes - they'll be working all weekend - bridge builders will move in and do their thing as well.

The whole process will take about 70 days, starting June 7. Daily drivers in the area may wish to look for alternate routes this summer.