Monday, August 29

Mail Bag: What's happening on I-10 between Foster and Graytown roads?

When are the project for improvements to I-10 between Foster Road and Graytown Road, including the Woodlake Pkwy overpass scheduled to begin? Will the frontage roads be rebuilt before they are converted to one way? How soon will traffic lights be added to the 10/1516 intersection?
- Marshall

Those who don't know what Marshall is talking about can check out our project information page here.
The $65.3 million project was awarded to Texas Sterling Construction earlier this summer, and we've been working out some details in some materials used. See, our pavement engineer has marked this job to conduct a pavement materials experiment that could help us save tens of millions statewide and improve the life of our roadway. We had to make sure the supply of materials needed - geogrid - was available for the project.
We'd like to get started on this project before Halloween (we're still getting our contracts drafted, and a three-month gap between letting and project start is fairly standard). The frontage roads won't be converted to one-way until the third phase of work, which comes once the new overpass at Woodlake Parkway is finished up. Don't expect to see that happen until 2018.
As for the traffic signals at the intersection of I-10 and FM 1516 ... those will be completed near the end of the project, after we've got the frontage roads and intersections reconstructed. (It's called for in Phase V Step 4B, if you're really interested in the detailed timing.)

Concerning the work activity at Hwy 46 and Hwy 281: Before the construction, two lanes were allowed to turn left from westbound Hwy 46 to southbound Hwy 281 (the middle lane could optionally go straight or turn left). Why has this configuration changed to only one left turn lane?
- Tom

Thanks for your note, Tom. You weren't the only one to reach out and ask about this issue. Unfortunately incorrect signs were installed and, for a while, it seemed as though the dual-left option was being removed.
This was corrected 18 August. The current configuration should be: Left lane is left only, middle lane is optional through or left, right lane is through only.

Is there any QA/QC project acceptance done by TxDOT? The firm working the Boerne Stage Rd-Leon Springs project has a lot of rough patches. The only ramp between Ralph Fair and BSR has a big tilt halfway along the length. The new on ramp at Leon Springs going west is the same.
- Matt

Having driven this length ourselves a few times, we're guessing you're talking about the rougher base surface that's now out there when compared to completed ramps and roadway, where things are a bit smoother. This is a common observation on our projects.
See, when we put our contracts together, we require a warranty on the asphalt that's put in. If the asphalt deteriorates under traffic, the contractor is required to replace it at their own cost. Because of this, contractors typically wait until the very end of the project to lay down that final surface of asphalt that's more expensive and tends to wear out a little faster (has to do with the size of the aggregate in the mix).
So what you're driving on is a temporary surface ... well, sort of. It's actually the base layer of asphalt on which we'll lay down the final surface later. That final surface is 1-2 inches thick while the base is 12-18 inches thick.
As for the westbound exit to Ralph Fair ... that ramp is a temporary ramp and will be replaced with a permanent ramp anyway.
So ... yes, we do have quality assurance and project acceptance on every TxDOT project. However, we're not ready to accept the project and are waiting for the project to be complete - which, in this instance, is around the end of the year.

Old Fredericksburg road at Ralph Fair Road is now a very dangerous intersection. Attempting to cross four lanes of traffic here is extremely unsafe at many busy times of the day. While visibility is close to zero many people still attempt the crossing. Even crossing two lanes from Ralph Fair onto Old Fred behind the Valero is difficult. Are any changes planned for this intersection?
- Deb

Part of your issue here is traffic volume, to be perfectly honest. We've seen a five-year low of 7,800 vehicles per day on Ralph Fair, capped by more than 11,000 cars per day in our five-year high. While we do see some flux from year to year, the trend is upward - and the range there is pretty significant.
So, what's the plan for the future? That's a complicated question, though it may not seem like it should be.
The state's responsibility here is Ralph Fair Road, and our plans include expanding that road (which shouldn't really help your specific observation much) in the future. We're working on plans to expand Ralph Fair to four lanes all the way up to Hwy 46 by time we're all done.
We could add a traffic signal at the location, but that would significantly add to the traffic delays folks are experiencing already at the intersection of I-10 and Ralph Fair. Frankly, Old Fred isn't much of a problem except for about four hours each day and a signal at that location would do more harm, overall, than good.
The real solution is providing another way for traffic on Old Fred to reach I-10. That's happening with our I-10 Fair Oaks project, which adds that overpass at Old Fred and I-10. When the intersection there is finished - by early 2018 - you'll see a bunch of that traffic trying to cross Ralph Fair or get through that intersection there dissipate and use the new route.

Is there any info regarding extending Galm Road thru Fm 471 and beyond?
- Gary
Will Alamo Ranch Parkway eventually meet up with the new part of 211 (yet to be built)?
- Carolyn

We're bunching your questions together, Gary and Carolyn, because the answer isn't something we have within TxDOT. Galm Road and Alamo Ranch Parkway are both county roads, not state roads. Their development is all handled by Bexar County Public Works (sort of).
In the case of ARP, that's being done by private developers as the Alamo Ranch area continues to expand.
That said, Galm Road isn't slated to extend any further than it is now, but Talley Road and Old 471 are set for some upgrades. That info is here. Carolyn, you'll also find at that link information on the extension of Hwy 211 so private developers can connect ARP with Hwy 211 at some point in the future.
I saw they said West Avenue would be closed by Wurzbach Parkway beginning September 12 through March of 2017. Any idea how far along that closure is?
Is it just from Wurzbach to Nakoma or is it farther than that?
- Robert
Great question, Robert. Unfortunately, we're not the agency running that project. Give the city a call - their TCI group is heading up that work.

Friday, August 26

Next week's construction-related closures

I-10 – Fair Oaks Ranch
  • Saturday-Friday, August 28-September 2. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Eastbound main lanes between Fair Oaks Parkway and Ralph Fair Road. Alternating lanes will close while crews shift traffic onto new temporary lanes.
I-10 – Northwest San Antonio
  • Monday-Tuesday, August 29-30. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. Eastbound main lanes between Fredericksburg Road and Ramsgate. The left lane will close while crews work on the Transguide system.
I-35 – East San Antonio
  • Saturday, August 27 at 1 a.m. until Sunday, August 28 at 5 p.m. Northbound main lanes between AT&T Center Parkway and Binz-Engleman. All lanes will close while crews work on the Transguide system. Traffic will exit Splashtown Drive, follow the posted signs and re-enter the highway after Binz-Engleman.
  • Sunday-Friday, August 28-September 2. 8 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Southbound main lanes between Broadway and I-410. Alternating lanes will close while crews resurface the road.
  • Sunday-Friday, August 28-September 2. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Northbound main lanes between AT&T Center Parkway and Binz-Engleman. Alternating lanes will close while crews do finish work.
US Hwy 90 - West San Antonio

  • Thursday-Friday, September 1-2. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. Eastbound main lanes between Loop 1604 and Hunt Lane. All lanes will close while crews move barrier and open the new eastbound exit to I-410. Traffic will exit Loop 1604, follow the frontage road and re-enter the highway at the next available ramp.

US Hwy 281 – Central San Antonio
  • Sunday-Friday, August 28-September 2. 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. nightly. Southbound main lanes between I-410 and I-35. The right two lanes will close while crews work on guardrail. This closure includes ramps as needed. Traffic will follow posted detour routes.
Loop 1604 – Northwest San Antonio
  • Monday, August 29. Northbound main lanes between Marbach Road and Hwy 151. The left lane will close at various locations while crews install road markers and highway signs.
Hwy 151 – West San Antonio
  • Current until December 2016. Westbound exit ramp to Ingram and Potranco roads. The ramp will remain closed while crews install bridge support structures for the direct connector ramps being constructed.
  • Current until Friday, September 2. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Eastbound frontage road between I-410 and Potranco Road. The left two lanes will close while crews do bridge work and set bridge deck panels.
  • Monday-Tuesday, August 29-31. 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily. Westbound frontage road between Hunt Lane and Loop 1604. The left lane will close while crews install highway signs. Entrance and exit ramps will close as needed for this closure. Traffic will use the next available ramp.
  • Tuesday-Friday, September 6-16. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Eastbound frontage road between I-410 and Potranco Road. The left two lanes will close while crews do bridge work and set bridge deck panels.
Other roads – Southwest Bexar County
  • Current through Friday, September 2. 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily (weekdays only). Southbound Somerset Road between I-410 and Rockport Road. The right lane will close while crews reshape ditches. Flaggers will be on site to stop traffic as needed.
Other roads – West San Antonio
  • Tuesday, August 30. 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Eastbound Military Drive between US Hwy 90 and Royal Gate Drive. The right lane will close while crews do survey work.
All closures are pending weather.

Thursday, August 25

Mail Bag: Alamo Ranch and Hwy 151

Great work on the 1604 to 151 connector! I was curious about how things will work down the line though for those that are coming out of the Alamo Ranch shopping center by Target. Will they be able to access that fly-over as they exit from down by Chick-fil-a or even Culebra on that frontage road eventually, or will they have to continue down the service road to the 1604/Wiseman intersection now that the light is gone there by the construction zone? If I recall, there's going to be a light in the final piece by Casa Blanca/Alamo Ranch Pkwy that will allow access to 151, but that hasn't been built. Is that traffic just forced to Wiseman/1604 for now if they want to get back on 151? Thanks again!
- Rick
Why did you close down the traffic light at 1604 and 151? Traffic is now a nightmare there! All those cars funneled into a single lane to enter 1604 from Alamo Ranch ? Whose bright idea was that? It took over an hour to get to 151 this morning (August 1)! And looking at it now at 4:30 p.m. with that map link you gave, traffic is already RED for that whole "extra 2 miles" and you are saying it'll be this bad until next year? Great planning there!
- Angry Driver
Why was there no direct connector planned from westbound Hwy 151 to northbound Lp 1604 in the current project? Will there be one in the future? The traffic is clearly alleviated during the morning commute now the flyover is complete, but the afternoon traffic gets worse and worse as the 151 traffic shares the entrance with the 1604-Culebra exit traffic.
- Greg
There was a question concerning connecting FM 471 (Culebra) to Hwy 151 earlier that still has not been addressed. The folks that live on Culebra have no access to 151. The ramp that was built was blocked off to them and the light that was in place was taken down. Why was this done before the link with ARP was complete? Are there any plans on giving this growing community access to 151 in the interim?
- Matt

Y'all pose some great questions, and we know several share some of the frustrations that are expressed here. To answer these questions, we posted a video earlier this week to YouTube (it was plugged into our last post). Matt, you're right - it took us a bit too long to get this done. We should have had a vid like this posted two weeks ago.
Better late than never, though. Without further ado, here you go:

Tuesday, August 23

Transportation Tuesday - a roundup of projects

Tuesdays are filled with project status meetings along the west and northwest of San Antonio, and today we jumped from project to project to get the latest on what's happening.

I-10 Leon Springs
Texas Sterling Construction has a few hot spots of work remaining, and the most visible (painful?) is the little bridge over Leon Creek on the westbound side. You know, that bridge over by Rudy's - the one that's a two-way bridge but we've got it cut to a single lane, westbound only.
Texas Sterling Construction prepares to set
beams on the Leon Creek bridge near Rudy's.
The bridge was limited to a single lane back in February with the aim to reconstruct it to meet current design standards. Initially we had some issues with some utility conflicts and weren't able to actually begin construction until late April. Since then Texas Sterling has been able to get the first half of the bridge done and have made the second half a priority work item.
Yes, we said we hoped to have the bridge reopened to two-way traffic in time for the school year. Clearly that hasn't happened. Our current target is Halloween. The next major item on the bridge will be setting bridge support beams, and that happens the week of September 9. (Peek behind the curtain of operations ... The beams were slated to be set this week, but rains made the work impossible. Trucks couldn't be scheduled again until September, pushing this back more than just a few days.)
Work on the eastbound frontage road will
cross several driveways the next two months
Texas Sterling also has crews working on the eastbound frontage road between Boerne Stage Road and Dominion Drive, running across a series of driveways. Access to businesses will be maintained while this work is done, but crews will be hitting these driveways one-at-a-time through September.
Overall project completion is currently on pace for the end of this year - only five months behind the original schedule, despite several months' impact from utility delays and an onslaught of rain storms since the project began.

I-10 Fair Oaks Ranch

This is a project that's simply progressing steadily - a good thing. Westbound traffic was shifted to allow working space for Sundt Construction as they prepare to enter phase two, which builds the new overpass at Old Fredericksburg Road, a few weeks ago. The eastbound side was scheduled to be shifted over this week, but heavy rains over the last week or so pushed that back. Once crews have finished some drain structures just south of Buckskin Drive they'll be able to finish the asphalt to allow that shift. Expect that to happen here by mid-September, but don't expect it to impact your drive too much. Again, you'll continue to have two lanes of traffic on the main lanes.

UTSA Boulevard
Curran is about to wrap up work on the first phase of work, which expands UTSA Boulevard to the south a bit and adds a meandering sidewalk as a hike and bike trail. They're looking for some ways to shave off some time from the overall schedule (they're currently looking at finishing by the end of 2017), but their plan has a lot of factors to be considered. Once we have a solid feel for the implications of what they're proposing we'll discuss details - including how it would impact your personal commute through this thoroughfare.
Remember we're not the only ones working out here ... the city has its own expansion project on UTSA Boulevard, stretching from Babcock Road to Ximenes Avenue.

1604 Northwest
This project is finished! Well, you'll see some occasional workers doing some small tasks to tidy up the work area, but we're done with this project. A quick heads-up, though: we are set to begin segments two (Culebra to Potranco) and three (Potranco to US 90) of the expressway expansion this fall. Those projects will both take a little more than two years to complete.

Rather than read a long post, here's a video that answers several questions that've come in to us of late:

US 90
The new bridge over Medio Creek
is open on the westbound side.
Hunter Industries opened up the westbound frontage road bridge over Medio Creek earlier this summer, relieving considerable traffic strain for the folks headed to Kriewald Road. With that done, they've started focusing efforts on the widening work along the main lanes on both sides of the highway. Well, that and completing the west-to-east turnaround at Loop 1604.
The turnaround is the priority work item on the project right now, and Hunter is hoping to have it ready to open up by early October. Crews are working on some concrete features now, and asphalt crews are getting ready to get their work on at that west end of the project.
Crews work on concrete facing on
the new turnaround at Lp 1604
First those paving crews will hit the new outside lanes of the main lanes, which were primed for asphalt last week. Once the asphalt on the main lanes is down traffic will be shifted to allow for continued work along the project area. That shift will open up traffic on the westbound side to three lanes - two through and one auxiliary - between Hunt Lane and Loop 1604.
The westbound main lanes are almost ready
to be shifted to allow a short third lane.
Traffic on the eastbound side will remain two lanes for now. Road crews still have a considerable amount of work around Medio Creek before we can get that extra lane open there. The entrance and exit ramps along this side are set to be rebuilt in the upcoming weeks as well. Some of this work won't be finished until early 2017, which will allow Hunter to work on the inside lanes of the Medio Creek main lanes bridge.
One other change upcoming is on the westbound frontage road at Hunt Lane, where the frontage road will be straightened out and the irregular sweep to the right at that spot will be taken out. That little bit of work should come early in September.
The overall project, which adds an auxiliary lane to the main lanes in each direction, constructs a turnaround at Loop 1604 and converts the frontage roads to one-way, is scheduled to wrap up by the end of summer 2017.

This is another project, like I-10 Fair Oaks Ranch, that's simply progressing. No major traffic shifts are planned for the immediate (next couple of months) future, and we don't have any major closures scheduled.

Saturday, August 20

Back to school - you have your route planned?

Monday marks the first day back to school for most of the schools in the San Antonio area - at least, for the schools that didn't give us a sneak-peak at the new year by starting up last week.

While everyone has their first outfits picked out, a plan for that back-to-school photo opp in mind and backpacks filled with the latest in school supply fashion ... well, who's got their route to school already mapped out?

With this in mind, we've got three major things to keep in mind Monday when everyone gets going back to school.

Traffic is going to naturally increase - substantially
The first week of school is always hectic, and yet we all seem to be caught by surprise when our daily commutes increase - sometimes even double - when the kids head back to school.
Remember: this back-to-school thing impacts all drivers. When you're mad at the world for the way traffic moves Monday keep in mind that, after about a week, things do get better and everyone gets into a better routine.
Also, keep in mind the strong chance of rain Monday morning ... that won't help matters much. Just to be safe, plan to double your commute times. Worst-case scenario you're early to wherever you're headed Monday morning and you impress someone.

Back-to-school is more than just the elementary and high schools
UTSA, UIW and Trinity U all start classes this week. So do the Alamo Colleges. St. Mary's started up last week. This should add some pressure to traffic around these campuses and will mean an increase in teen drivers out there during peak traffic hours. It also will bring a heavy spike in foot/bike/skateboard traffic.
Speaking of foot traffic ... one thing to be especially aware of is how unaware pedestrians can be. This does not excuse the inattention one iota, but cars should be wary of school-goers busy chatting to catch up with old friends or lost in the digital world of their portable devices.
And don't forget about the craze that started up this summer that's nearly guaranteed to grab the focus of those walking to school next week: PokemonGo! will likely have a slew of PokeStops (we don't know what those are either, had to look them up) grabbing some attention.
If you're muttering something about how these kids ought to pay attention between thoughts of when you were a kid you walked uphill to school - both ways - in weather that was either 112 degrees and as dry as the Mojave or was -348 degrees with snow to your eyeballs, you're absolutely right. However, the law forbids cell phone use by drivers in a school zone. It doesn't prohibit pedestrians from using portable devices.
Just something to keep in mind. Above all, just be aware of what's happening and pay extra attention.

Construction zones should be kept in mind
We have a slew of areas impacted by TxDOT-related projects that are ongoing, and some of these may have an impact on your route to school. Be aware we are only privy to the projects on TxDOT-maintained roads. The city and the county have several projects ongoing, and these will no doubt impact your drive as well.
From our end, though, here's a list of highlights to be aware of:

  • Leon Springs area. The work between Boerne Stage and Ralph Fair is ongoing, and the old bridge over Leon Creek converted to one-way back in February so Texas Sterling Construction could rebuild it hasn't yet been complete. That means we are still down to one single lane, one-way, with school starting up. Folks headed to Leon Springs Elementary School will need to find another way into Leon Springs than cutting between Aue Road and Boerne Stage Road right there. The good news: the bridge is on pace to wrap up by October. Yes, we're aware that's about three months later than we had said we'd be back in  May. We're working on it (more on this issue in a later post).
  • Loop 1604 at Hwy 151. The big change with the direct connector from southbound Lp 1604 and eastbound Hwy 151, coupled with the shift of traffic from Alamo Ranch Parkway and Culebra Road to Hwy 151 going through the Wiseman intersection for now, will no doubt contribute to headaches for morning commuters. Those who make plans accordingly will be the winners of the traffic game next week.
  • I-35 between Rittiman and Walzem. Not long ago we shifted some of the ramps through the area, opening some new ramps and closing down some old ones. This area is sticky to begin with; add the school traffic for the NEISD schools in the region, and this area is sure to take plenty of extra time.
  • Potranco Road (FM 1957) between Lp 1604 and Hwy 211. This isn't even a TxDOT project, actually. Bexar County Public Works is running this job. But it did start over the summer, and it's not handled a school day yet. Expect some delays while folks get used to how it operates.
  • Culebra Road (FM 471) between FM 1560 and Tally Road. Another Bexar County project, this one started up earlier this month and hasn't even reached full-steam. Culebra backs up plenty to start with on its own; add in the construction and the school traffic, there will be plenty of hollering within vehicles. Just remember to play nice when you're out there.
The bottom line
No matter what, there's a bottom line here. And if you skimmed through the post and only get one thing, let this be it:
Plan ahead and add extra time to your commute next week. It's going to take more time than normal. Just know that and you'll be fine.
Put the phone away and drive. It's a drivers seat, not a phone-talker's seat. Pay extra attention around schools and everyone will be able to stay safe!

Tuesday, August 16

Mail Bag: Potranco Road traffic, city and county projects, I-10

Could you tell me how many cars drive down Potranco Road daily? I mostly interested in the part of Potranco behind Redbird Ranch. Thank you!

Kristi, you're asking a question we typically get via phone. It's a great question! And, to help you really get the info you're wanting, I'll give you source material.
We have, posted online, a five-year record of our traffic counts. This will allow you to see what that segment of Potranco has been doing for five years, giving you an idea of what to expect in the future. (We don't house more than five years online for two reasons: first, records retention requires five years posted like this; second, we already host tens of thousands of pages of data online, and capping info at five years helps us minimize our IT expense.)
That said, it's worth noting there's a trick to using the data we've got posted.

When will UTEX from UTSA Blvd and the I-10 access road be completed? 
This question is really a question for the city of San Antonio - UTEX is a city roadway. That said, the work there may be more associated with private development than with city work. That's a question to ask the folks with the city's TCI group when you visit with them.

I see construction on 471 is to begin 8-15. Is there a map of the project and what's being done, and for how long? Also, what is the plan for connecting 151/Alamo Ranch/211? and when does that start?Thanks.
- Michael
You've got a few different questions going on here, Michael. So, one at a time.
First, the Culebra Road work (FM 471) that started this week is being handled entirely by Bexar County. They've got our logo up on the project sign boards because we approved the design and, when the county is done with the project, we'll buy it back from them. It's a funding option that gets projects delivered through local participation called pass-through financing, but we digress (to be clear, this application of pass-through financing does not involve tolls). Bottom line: the county has a project information page available here, and if you've got questions at all they can be reached here.
The county also has some information about the extension of Alamo Ranch Parkway on that same info page. The biggest thing to note is ARP is being developed by private developers as they continue to build up the area and add homes (and shopping options). This is not being built by your tax dollars. Though, when developers finish, they turn it over for public maintenance. Because it's being built by private folks, though, we don't have an exact timeline on when to expect ARP to reach Hwy 211.
Oh, yeah, and Hwy 211 needs to be extended so ARP can actually connect with it. That $24 million effort is also being done by Bexar County and isn't slated to start until next year, provided all the funds match up next year.

What will happen to the (I-10) access roads from Ralph Fair Road toward 46 going west? Will they switch to one way? Will they remain two way? Right now they are still working on them. Will they widen them eventually?
What will happen at Old Fredericksburg Road coming toward the access road from Village Green and Fallbrook? Will there eventually be and underpass or overpass? I have heard both stories. Will they improve the Fair Oaks Bridge across 10. It's shaky!
- Mike
So back in March we started work on a project between Ralph Fair Road and Fair Oaks Parkway. Basically we're converting the frontage roads to one-way (which requires some widening for shoulders, curbs and sidewalks) and adding an overpass on I-10 at Old Fred Road - it'll take I-10 over a new intersection that connects Old Fred with Buckskin Drive.
We're also reconstructing the bridge at Fair Oaks and I-10, basically expanding it a la Ralph Fair. That project starts here in the fall and will wrap up in 2018.
What about beyond Fair Oaks Parkway? Well, eventually we will have one-way frontage road. Our goal is to eliminate one-way frontage roads wherever we've got a developed, metro area. We're not quite ready to do that - we need more money first - but it is on the agenda. Once we're nearing that work beyond Fair Oaks Parkway, we'll host a series of open house discussions to show y'all what we've got.

Concerning the work activity at hwy 46 and hwy 281: There needs to be a sign informing east bound Hwy 46 traffic that two lanes will merge to one. The existing one was removed for construction and has not been replaced.
Thank you for addressing this matter. It will require a follow-up with the poorly performing contractor that is presently on site. With out this sign there will be a collision and a fair amount of road rage played out.
I'll start with the really good news: we've only got a few really light items left to have this job finished (finally) and it looks like we should wrap up this month. We're seeing CRG on the site daily (with the exception of Monday, due to weather) and we're seeing good progress. Rest assured they'll be held very accountable for dragging this project out the way they have, but we're looking at a finish in a matter of days.
As for the sign? We checked the plan sheets and no such sign is called for in the plans. That said, we've made our maintenance guys and our operations guys aware of the issue so we can have it addressed as appropriately and quickly as possible.

Monday, August 15

This week's construction-related closures

For those who are regulars to the blog, apologies for the blog silence the last two weeks! We were out on vacation and unable to make regular posts. Yes, we should have had something preloaded ... but we didn't. We're sorry. We'll make it up to you the rest of this month, we promise.
Starting with this week's construction-related closures:

I-10 - Boerne
  • Thursday-Friday, August 18-19. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. Westbound main lanes at Scenic Loop Road. All lanes will close while crews do bridge work. Traffic will exit Scenic Loop Road, follow the frontage road and re-enter the highway.
I-35 - New Braunfels
  • Sunday-Friday, August 14-19. 8 p.m. until 6 a.m nightly. Northbound main lanes between FM 306 and the Hays County line. Alternating lanes, two at a time, will close while crews resurface the road.
I-35 - Northeast San Antonio
  • Sunday-Friday, August 14-19. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Southbound exit ramp to southbound I-410. The ramp will close while crews work on barrier. Traffic will exit George Beach and turn around to reach southbound I-410.
  • Sunday-Friday, August 14-19. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Northbound main lanes between George Beach and Rittiman. The two right lanes will close while crews pour concrete.
  • Sunday-Friday, August 14-19. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Northbound frontage road between George Beach and I-410. The left lane will close while crews pour concrete. Traffic to northbound I-35 will take southbound I-410, turn around at Binz-Engleman and use northbound I-410 as a detour. 
  • Sunday-Friday, August 14-19. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Northbound frontage road at the exit to westbound I-410. Alternating lanes will close while crews do road work.
  • Sunday-Friday, August 14-19. 9 p.m. utnil 5 a.m. nightly. Main lanes, both directions, between Walzem and Rittiman roads. Alternating lanes will close while crews widen the road.
  • Sunday-Friday, August 14-19. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Frontage roads, both directions, between Walzem and Rittiman roads. Alternating lanes will close while crews do road work.
  • Monday-Friday, August 15-19. 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. daily. Frontage roads, both directions, between Walzem and Rittiman roads. Alternating lanes will close while crews do road work.
I-35 - East San Antonio
  • Sunday-Friday, August 14-19. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Northbound frontage road between AT&T Center Parkway and Binz-Engleman. The left lane will close while crews do road work.
I-410 - Southwest San Antonio
  • Tuesday, August 16 at 9 a.m. until Monday, October 3 at 9 a.m. Frontage road turnaround at Freeport Road. The turnaround will close while Union Pacific Railroad crews do overhead work. Traffic will use Old Pearsall Road to turn around.
I-410 - Northwest San Antonio
  • Monday-Tuesday, August 15-16. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. Southbound frontage road between Military Drive and Hwy 151. All lanes will close while crews set bridge beams. Traffic will use Hwy 151 and Ingram Road as a detour.
US 281 - Central San Antonio
  • Sunday-Thursday, August 14-18. 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. daily. Main lanes, both directions, between Josephine and Jones-Maltsberger. The two right lanes will close while crews work on guardrail and do concrete work.
Loop 1604 - Far West San Antonio
  • Monday-Wednesday, August 15-17. 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily. Southbound exit ramp to Alamo Ranch Parkway. The ramp will close while crews do concrete work. This closure includes the left lane of the frontage road at this location. The new direct connector to eastbound Hwy 151 will remain open. Traffic will exit Culebra Road to reach the Alamo Ranch area.
Other roads - Kendall County
  • Monday-Friday, August 15-19. 9 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. nightly. River Road (Hwy 46), both directions, between Main Street and Herff Road. Alternating lanes will close while crews repair the road. One-way traffic will be controlled by off-duty police.
  • Wednesday-Thursday, August 17-18. 7 p.m. until 5 a.m. Hwy 46, both directions, about two miles east of Blanco Road. One-way traffic will be directed by flaggers while crews set barrier.
  • Thursday-Friday, August 18-19. 9 p.m. utnil 5 a.m. Scenic Loop Road, both directions, at I-10. All lanes will close while crews do overhead bridge work. Traffic will follow the signed detour route.
Other roads - Guadalupe County
  • Thursday, August 18. 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Huber Road at I-10. All lanes will close while crews place overhead bridge beams. Traffic will use Rudeloff Road, Hwy 46, the I-10 frontage road and West New Braunfels Road as a detour.
Other roads - Northeast San Antonio
  • Sunday-Friday, August 14-19. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Randolph Boulevard, both directions, between Crestway and I-35. One-way traffic will be controlled by off-duty police officers while crews do road work. 
All closures are pending weather.