Friday, June 28

Ramps reopening soon on I-35....

After today's status meeting, we've got some good things to report on the I-35 Selma project....

Our contractor out there is currently working on the FM 3009 turnaround bridges - which they anticipate will open by the end of  July or early August. Rain over the last few weeks set some of that work back, and new priorities have popped up in recent weeks and are pulling crews to other areas of the project.

The FM 3009 bridges still need the approach lanes to be completed, the concrete barriers poured and the final roadway markings painted ... but that should only take about a month to complete.
Dirt crews are still doing their thing between FM 1518 and Schertz Parkway - working the new berms between the highway and around the exit and entrance ramps. The north-bound ramps are expected to be opened the week of July 8 ... the south-bound ramps are due open the week of July 15.
Dirt crews are working on the fine details of berms and medians before letting pavers place final layers of hot mix on the entrance and exit ramps before FM 1518 and Schertz Parkway.
TxDOT is continuing to work with the contractor on a revised traffic control plan for the new north-bound exit ramp to Forum Parkway, which closed for reconstruction in January. Most of the work right now involves surveying the new traffic pattern, which is planned to be put in place (and be minimally noticable to regular drivers) the week of July 7. The overpass is expected to be opened and ready for use late fall.
When crews are finished, a braided ramp - a bridge, really - will move north-bound traffic from I-35 to Forum Parkway here, bridging over the traffic coming off of Loop 1604. This ramp should be ready for use late fall.