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Wednesday, January 8

Northbound exit to FM 3009 to close Sunday

Sunday night Dan Williams Co. will close the northbound I-35 exit to FM 3009 in to rebuild the exit ramps and finish work on the northbound frontage road.

The northbound entrance ramp from Schertz Parkway will also close. The ramps will be reopened in time for the morning commute Monday, Feb. 3. Traffic headed to FM 3009 will use the Schertz Parkway exit and follow the frontage road. Traffic from Schertz Parkway will go through the intersection of FM 3009 to reach northbound I-35.

Crews are rebuilding the exit to better align with the new entrance ramp from FM 1518. An additional lane will be added to the exit.

The closure is tied to a milestone allowing the contractor just three weeks to finish work while rewarding efforts to reopen the ramp early. Project supervisors have indicated they’re targeting the maximum incentives. Cold temperatures could impact some of the work as crews lay asphalt or pour concrete, but the polar vortex moving out of the area project supervisors are confident temperatures will remain warm enough to complete the work without delay.

This closure represents the second major milestone on the project. The first major milestone was the construction of the braided exit ramp on northbound I-35 to Forum Parkway, serving the major shopping center of the metro area’s northeast side. That work was completed in November.