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Tuesday, February 11

Cold temps versus I-10 Huebner ... and a major future closure

Cold temperatures have forced Webber Construction to reschedule concrete work to built up retaining walls along the I-10 Huebner project, making excavation work the primary focus for crews on the project this week.
Excavation on the westbound side near DeZavala Road has allowed for the construction of a detention pond system and preparatory work for the reconstruction of the DeZavala Road overpass. New retaining walls are also being built at this location.
In fact, if weather cooperates the retaining wall near the westbound exit to Woodstone Drive will be done before the end of the month. That means dirt crews and road-builders will be free to move in and construct the additional lane to the ramp. The Woodstone ramp will be the only westbound exit getting traffic to DeZavala Road when the project is finished.

Again ... that's if weather cooperates.

The heaviest excavation is between DeZavala Road and UTSA Boulevard, where a detention system is being built and preparation for the reconstruction of the DeZavala overpass bridge is underway. The detention ponds are nearly complete, with the first system (two systems are being built) awaiting a final backfill and the second nearly excavated.

Preparation for the DeZavala overpass is the reason for the narrowed lanes and lack of median shoulder through the short stretch around the busy cross-street; overnight work to build the temporary detours to allow the reconstruction of the bridge is scheduled routinely for the upcoming weeks. Of course, warmer temperatures are needed for asphalt to be laid in place.

During that reconstruction, traffic will be pushed over onto one side of the bridge - onto the current westbound side first, then onto the current eastbound side. Three lanes will be maintained in each direction, and those lanes will be reduced to about 10 feet each lane. The narrowed lanes will, no doubt, require traffic to slow down a bit while passing through the area.
This stretch of I-1o between DeZavala Road and UTSA Boulevard is being prepared for the next major milestone - the reconstruction of the DeZavala Road overpass. Lanes will be shifted over and narrowed during that milestone, which is currently set to begin
The narrowed and shifted lanes will stretch about 1,000 feet - less than a quarter of a mile. The work will take a full year to complete (six months for each side of the bridge) and is currently scheduled by Webber to begin this spring (a solid date isn't set yet).

In the meantime, the digging will continue. Retaining walls make up the bulk of taskwork between UTSA Boulevard and Huebner Road, with job site maintenance taking a prominent role while cold weather prevents concrete pours.

The big news

(Yes, we're saving the biggest news for last, to make sure you read the whole post....) At the end of this month Webber's project managers anticipate hanging beams for the new east-to-west turnaround bridge at UTSA Boulevard. This will require closing down the main lanes of I-10 overnight. We'll close down one direction at a time, with the likely scenario being (for instance) the eastbound side closed on a Friday night and the westbound side being closed on a Saturday night. Traffic would be diverted to the frontage road during these closures.

The target for this work is Feb. 28-Mar. 1 ... but that's a target. Weather and other factors may impact that target, but for now plan on seeing some major closures during that weekend.