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Thursday, January 15

The next (planned) big closure at Ralph Fair Road

Sundt Construction has announced their next planned closure of all lanes of I-10 at Ralph Fair Road as the weekend of February 6-9.

Specific times will be released closer to the closure. In general terms, crews will begin closing lanes of I-10 late Friday night and will have all lanes reopened in time for the Monday morning commute. Sundt crews are optimistic they'll have lanes reopened by Sunday.

This closure is the fourth such closure of a planned seven over the course of eight months. However, with project items accelerated across the project, this will be the final major weekend closure of all I-10 lanes.

Crews will use this final major closure to hang the remaining bridge support beams - the longest concrete beams on TxDOT roads state-wide (TX 64's, for those who want to know) - to form the remainder of the bridge. Overnight closures will be employed to set deck panels and pour concrete over the ensuing months. The work to hang the beams, however, cannot begin until daylight hours Saturday and will occupy all of Saturday (and, perhaps, part of Sunday) to accomplish.

The last closure for beam-hanging saw just nine beams hung. This time we'll be hanging nearly twice that many - 17 - to make up the remainder of the bridge. The nine-beam operation took roughly five hours; this could take nearly triple the time because the weather is colder and more wet than it was back in September.

As with the other closures, traffic from the main lanes will exit Ralph Fair Road and pass through the intersection to re-enter the main lanes. Ralph Fair Road will be closed across the bridge and at Old Fredericksburg Road to allow trucks to stage the beams and promote traffic flow on the frontage roads. Local traffic will use Old Fredericksburg Road and Aue Road to reach its destination.

Officers will be stationed strategically throughout the closure areas to ensure traffic flows well through the weekend.