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Wednesday, July 15

I-10 projects ... a whole slew of work

I-10 through the San Antonio area is currently the most worked-on roadway in the San Antonio area. From Boerne to Seguin, we currently have six major active projects with another handful of smaller jobs to do landscape or some element of repairs.

We have another half-dozen projects waiting in the wings, with two set to start in the next year.

Here's a brief look - a snapshot (or, more appropriately, snapshots) of what we've got going on.

I-10 frontage road (Boerne)
Zimmerman Construction has been at it for about three months now (maybe four), and they've still got another four months to go. The $4.3 million project adds a westbound frontage road between U.S. Hwy 87 and Texas Hwy 46 while moving the exit ramp to Hwy 46.
Zimmerman is hard at work to build a new westbound frontage road approaching Hwy 46.
I-10 at Scenic Loop Road (Boerne)
A recent public meeting showed what we plan to do at this intersection. The end goal is to improve the I-10 overpass bridges at Scenic Loop Road, and to greatly - drastically- improve the intersection under those overpass bridges. That work is set to begin late 2015 or early 2016. We have not yet put bids on that project; we're hoping to do so by early fall this year.
When finished, this intersection will allow for a much smoother flow of traffic to accommodate growth on the south part of Boerne.
I-10 at Fair Oaks Parkway (Fair Oaks Ranch)
Another project that's on the drawing board and set to come along in the near future, this replacement and expansion of an overpass bridge is on our schedule to be let for bids late 2016. The goal of the job is to expand the Fair Oaks overpass bridge to at least five lanes (it's currently got two) and further facilitate an ongoing effort to convert frontage roads along I-10 to one-way. Once work begins, likely early 2017, the project would wrap up in about a year and a half.
The Fair Oaks Pkwy bridge will be replaced with a much - MUCH - wider bridge to meet the growth that's come in the area.
I-10 between Ralph Fair and Fair Oaks
Using funds generated by voter-approved Proposition 1, TxDOT will add a new overpass on I-10 at Old Fredericksburg Road while converting frontage roads between Ralph Fair and Fair Oaks to one-way. This project lets for bids next month, and work should begin by the end of the year. Once work begins, the project duration is anticipated to be about three years.

I-10 managed lanes
The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority is working with TxDOT planners for this project, which is likely to begin construction by the end of 2016. At this point, things are still in the review and planning process.

Ralph Fair Road bridge
Paving at the intersection of Ralph Fair and I-10 has been slow going, but that's all we really have left to do. Overnight work is being used to make this happen to minimize the impact on traffic. Once that final surface of asphalt is on the ground, we'll have things opened up in full.
The intersection of Ralph Fair Road and I-10 was set to be paved this week; that work has been pushed due to conflicts with adjacent projects. Overall completion should come before the end of the month.
I-10 between Boerne Stage Road and Dominion Drive
Well underway after only four months of real work, Texas Sterling Construction is still running at or ahead of schedule. Due to some conflicts with work done by neighboring projects, some of the planned work this week - particularly along the westbound frontage road west of Boerne Stage Road - has been rescheduled. That work will temporarily convert the frontage road between Boerne Stage and Aue roads to one-way (westbound) while crews replace the bridge over Leon Creek.
While most of the work between Boerne Stage Road and Dominion Drive is focused near Boerne Stage Road, a new turnaround and the frontage road conversion will impact traffic right at Dominion Drive.
I-10 Huebner
At this point, the work is confined to the final surface of asphalt and punch list. Overnight closures are being used for that paving work, and the punch list tasks are being done wherever and whenever possible.
Webber Construction has instructed Angel Brothers Construction, the subcontractor responsible for paving the project, to remove paving equipment from the new east-to-west turnaround at UTSA Boulevard so the turnaround can be opened up immediately; Angel Brothers has been using the turnaround as a staging area for several months, and no additional work is necessary to have the turnaround open.
Overall completion on this project is on pace to happen before school starts.

I-10 East San Antonio
The final layer of asphalt is on the ground, and all that's left at this point is final striping. That's been done, for the most part, and the project is at a point where we're just about finished up. The good news is you shouldn't see any more major closures out here.
Fresh asphalt plus fresh paint equals pretty much finished project!
I-10 at Probandt
This isn't an active construction project, but a maintenance job. The westbound entrance ramp from Probandt has been shut down since May and will continue to be closed until this fall. The reason is a drifting slope; that is, the slope that's holding up guardrail and part of the road surface has started to erode aggressively, creating a safety issue. Until the slope is repaired and stabilized, the ramp will remain closed.
The ramp isn't closed to allow for construction; it's closed for safety reasons. It will be reopened when work to repair a slope is finished.
I-10 frontage roads (Seguin)
Over the last couple of years the need for frontage roads along I-10 through Seguin has become increasingly pressing. That included last year's completion of a new westbound frontage road between Hwy 46 and FM 464, and includes a $33.4 million project to construct frontage roads between Hwy 46 and Business 123.
When LANE Construction is finished with their work, a frontage road will run down the middle of this land.