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Tuesday, April 12

Tour of Lp 1604 - with big update!

If the weather works out in our favor, we'll have the southbound main lanes of Loop 1604 between Bandera and Culebra roads open for our Monday morning commute. Even if we do get the predicted storms we should have those lanes in play by mid-week.

That's the big news on the Loop 1604 expansion between Bandera and Culebra roads. Oh, and the northbound lanes are set to be ready for traffic 2-3 weeks behind the southbound lanes. And the new direct connector from southbound Loop 1604 to eastbound Hwy 151 could be in use for our commutes by mid-summer.

All this was discussed during a live virtual tour earlier today. If you happened to miss it, you can check out the tour here for yourself. Forewarning: the tour lasted about 50 minutes ... but if you're watching on demand you'll be able to scroll through to the areas most meaningful to you.
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