Monday, December 3

Beam Us Up: I-10 Project Advances With Boerne Stage Road Bridge Widening

The clocks rolled may have recently rolled back for daylight savings time, but the work continues with the completion of the I-10 bridge widening over Boerne Stage Road. Contractors installed a total of 72 bridge beams on the east and westbound lanes. 

In our previous post, we noted that 42 beams were installed as of early November, with each beam weighing a whopping 90,000-lbs (18 tons!). All the beams together add up to around 1,296 tons or about the weight of a giant Sierra Redwood tree! These strongly reinforced beams will ensure the new bridges will be able to withstand the new traffic volumes. 
Check out the progress in the pictures below:

Looking forward, once the bridge widening is completed, traffic will be moved to the newly widened eastbound and westbound lanes. This will allow the center lanes to be reconstructed. Completion of the widening process is necessary before demolition of the old bridge, because it ensures traffic flow continues with little interruption. 

We sincerely appreciate your patience as construction activities continue -- safety is our number one priority, so keep your eyes out for any dangerous conditions with changing weather patterns.