Friday, January 25

US 281 Project Milestone: Traffic Switch In Both Directions

This weekend (starting Saturday Jan. 26 after midnight) we'll be putting in place a traffic switch in both directions of US 281 between Evans Road and Northwind Boulevard/Marshall Road (see graphic below for visual details). 

Basically, drivers will be diverted off the existing mainlanes onto the newly-built frontage roads so that crews can begin work on mainlane expansion in this portion of the project. It's the same step we took previously with traffic switches between Sonterra and Encino Rio. 

Due to the complexity of the traffic switch, crews will be working all weekend. Switch operations begin on Saturday at 3 a.m. and will be completed by Monday, Jan. 28, at 5 a.m.

During that Monday morning commute, drivers will be riding on new asphalt pavement on the frontage roads for this stretch. Please note that there will be a reduction in speed on the stretch of roadway, dropping from 60 mph to 45 mph (per regulations, since it's frontage road and not mainlane travel). The number lanes will remain consistent with the current roadway, meaning there will not be a reduction of travel lanes during the months-long switch.

The pictures below depict the southbound switch (left) and the northbound switch (right).

After the traffic switch is complete, we will need to reconstruct the Stone Oak Parkway/TPC Parkway intersection between the newly built frontage roads. This will take approximately one week to complete. 

During this time the northbound to westbound as well as the southbound to eastbound turn lanes at Stone Oak Parkway/TPC Parkway will be closed. Traffic will need to take the next turnaround on US 281 just north of the intersection. Heavy traffic is expected during this operation so please allow plenty of time to get to your destination or seek alternate routes (see picture below for visual details).

A new timing phase for traffic signals will be implemented throughout this closure and signals will be monitored and adjusted accordingly to maintain as smooth traffic flow as possible.

As always, weather can have impact on the timing of all closures -- rain is expected on Saturday, for example. Also as always, we ask for the public's patience as we push through some of these unpleasant but necessary steps. Once complete, US 281 will be a full freeway with six additional lanes between Loop 1604 and Borgfeld.

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