Friday, February 1


We are keenly aware of the high level of patience and understanding we're asking of the traveling public along I-10 in northwest San Antonio, Bexar County and Boerne/Kendall County with various construction projects concurrently taking place in this corridor.

We also want folks to know their feedback provided to us concerning those projects have not gone unheeded -- just the opposite. We had already identified certain flaws and potential areas of improvement so we formed an internal task force composed of traffic and construction engineers to take a look at what steps we could take to make things better for drivers.

Various such measures have already been implemented, such as additional electronic message boards, new lane striping and removal of barriers on the shoulders.

Future steps we're looking at include additional paving in certain sections, adding speed limit signs to make it a uniform speed limit across all projects and, where it's possible to do so while still ensuring driver and work crew safety, continue removing barrier and give drivers more acceleration lane space on entrance ramps. We're also looking at traffic analysis work to give drivers a heads-up on  estimated travel time between key locations in the corridor.

We wanted to highlight one particular area of concern, a source of several complaints we received from the public -- the entrance ramp from US 87 to eastbound I-10. Again, please know we heeded the call to look into how we could make it safer for drivers entering the highway.

We understood that many drivers felt there was insufficient visibility and insufficient entrance ramp/acceleration lane distance to safely merge onto I-10 eastbound traffic.

So we got to work.

The concerns are being addressed by adjusting existing barriers and widening the existing on-ramp by adding additional pavement. We're making it happen starting this weekend. The work is set to begin tonight (Friday Feb. 1) at 9 p.m. with construction lasting until 5 a.m. Monday, February 4th. 

Please see below for a map depicting the closure and ensuing detours -- both the entrance ramp from 87 and the right mainlane will be closed for the widening work. Incoming traffic on 87 will be diverted to the frontage road, continuing through Scenic Loop and then taking the entrance ramp by the Mercedes Benz dealership.