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Thursday, March 20

Blanco Road overpass

Few projects in San Antonio generate as many emails or phone calls as the Wurzbach Parkway project. Lately most of those have been about the Blanco Road overpass bridge.

The bridge remains under construction to resolve a ride-quality issue on the deck surface. That's been discussed in prior posts.

Today we received an approved batch design for an ultra-thin asphalt mix our contractor plans to use to level out the deck. Now we're waiting on a schedule of work from the paving crews (Clark Construction) and we'll have the work done.

This brings us one huge step closer to a final product on the first of three segments of Wurzbach Parkway currently being built. Earlier projections of having the bridge open the end of March are still reachable (though the schedule is a bit tight).

The middle segment - running from West Avenue to Jones-Maltsberger - is set to open mid-2015. The eastern segment - running from JM to Wetmore - will open this fall.