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Tuesday, March 18

Wurzbach Parkway

Blanco to West Ave
The contractor is ready to go on the repair of the bridge deck surface on the Blanco Road overpass. The plan for the fix - an asphalt overlay that will smooth the road out - has been approved. The paving contractor is on board and ready to go.

We're now waiting for the supplier - the asphalt plant - to mix up a batch of asphalt that's approved for bridge decks. The batch needed for he bridge is different than the asphalt normally used to pave roadways. As of today (March 18) contractors we're waiting for Vulcan to get the approved batch ready; a specific date hasn't been offered yet. 

Once the asphalt batch is approved and available, workers will only need a few days to get. Equipment on site to do the work. The target is still the end of March.

West Ave to Jones-Maltsberger
Backfill, backfill, more backfill - that's the work Williams Brothers is doing right now. That and concrete work. The work is mostly related to drain structures through various parts of the parkway - particularly around U.S. Hwy 281 - as road crews make the foundation for the road.

With most of this work out of the way in upcoming weeks, crews can focus more on the new structures being built along U.S. 281. Some of this structure work can be seen at the southbound frontage road near Nakoma, as crews are building the support structures for the future eastbound exit ramp onto the U.S. 281 frontage road.

Jones-Maltsberger to Wetmore

Most of the ongoing work involves the bridges at Mud Creek and Salado Creek, though some other tasks are cropping up as needed. Most are repairs and adjustments - like a pair of small sinkholes that cropped up after recent rainstorms.

Electricians have been instructed to turn on lights at the Starcrest intersection, providing much-needed light for drivers who've encountered occasional wildlife in the area. Asphalt crews are waiting for a string of good- weather days to finish the work at Jones-Maltsberger.

Work is on pace to finish this fall.