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Tuesday, July 29

I-10 Huebner project activities

This week's coordination meeting between Webber Construction and TxDOT staff focused on little things needing tweaked along the project while. Refs continue to push forward with the overpass at DeZavala Road.

Those items include:
- A few inches of asphalt milling near UTSA Blvd.
- Weekly barricade inspections
- A few overhead light posts that need to be turned on
- Stockpiles that need to be hauled off
- Lane markings that need to be clearer, particularly near exit and entrance ramps
- Overhead highway sign structures that still need to be built
- TransGuide cameras we need to get back on
- Silt fences that need to be adjusted after the last round of storms

On a larger scale, concrete crews are still working on retaining walls project-wide, particularly around DeZavala Road and at UTSA Blvd. Bridge crews are working six days a week on the DeZavala overpass bridge - they're building bridge abutments (concrete shelves that hold the bridge support beams) and a few column caps.

For those driving through the project, expect the routine closures that have been going on overnight or, on the frontage roads, during mid-day hours. We won't have major closures until later this month. This biggies that are upcoming:

- Full weekend closure of DeZavala Road at I-10 while crews hang bridge beams. This is targeted for the end of the month, and Webber's leaders are optimistic they could do this before the school year gets going.
- Full closure of eastbound I-10 main lanes at UTSA Blvd while crews hang bridge beams for the new east-to-west turnaround bridge. This will be a single night, likely a weeknight. Webber folks are eyeing mid-August for this.
- Full closure if westbound I-10 main lanes at UTSA Blvd. same story as the eastbound side.

When exact dates are set in concrete, we'll let you know!