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Thursday, August 21

Fred-Med's latest developments

The next big change at the intersection of Fredericksburg Road and Medical Drive is scheduled to happen the night of Thursday, August 28.

Starting at 7 p.m., Texas Sterling Construction will have significant alternating lane closures on Fredericksburg Road while crews restripe the road for the next phase of work. The traffic signals will be turned off during this work, leaving traffic direction to a flagger at the intersection. The road will be opened in time for the Friday morning commute.

For daily drivers the change means little more than a change in driving path; no lanes will be lost, an d none really gained. The width of the intersection on Fredericksburg will be greater, accommodating the width of the future through lanes as well as the eastbound and westbound access roads.thebiggest change will come for pedestrians and businesses at the intersection - most of the driveways closed for the last phase will reopen and sidewalks along the eastbound lanes of Medical will be ready for use.

The Thursday night closures will allow crews to move traffic into the final "frontage road" configuration, with eastbound and westbound traffic separated by the area the future through lanes of Medical Drive will run on. This also means construction activities will shift focus to the underpass. Project supervisors expect to be ready to build the Fredericksburg Road bridge mid-fall.