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Tuesday, August 26

I-10 Huebner update

Let's get the big elephant in the room out of the way to start:

The night of Wednesday, September 3, Webber Construction will shut down the intersection of DeZavala Road at I-10 while bridge builders set bridge support beams. Through traffic will use turnarounds at UTSA Blvd and at Fredericksburg Road to reach its destination. The intersection will be reopened in time for the Thursday morning commute.

A slew of overnight closures at that intersection the night of September 2 and September 4 will also take place to prepare for the Wednesday night work. We will have a similar batch of closures to pour the bridge deck somewhere around September 18-19 (weather permitting).

As work at DeZavala continues through the school year, traffic at the intersection is bound to continue to build - particularly for those turning left. In an effort to relieve some of this congestion, Webber crews are working to finish work near the west-to-east turnaround at UTSA Blvd so westbound traffic can use the turnaround there to reach destinations near Wal-Mart instead of going through the DeZavala Road intersection.

Eastbound traffic headed to destinations near HEB and Home Depotcan use turnarounds at Fredericksburg Road or Huebner Road rather than turning left at the DeZavala intersection. This should help the flow of traffic at DeZavala a little through the upcoming months.

Now, time for elephant number two:

Webber will close all main lanes of I-10 at UTSA Boulevard the nights of Tuesday and Wednesday, September 9 and 10, to set bridge support beams for the east-to-west turnaround at UTSA Blvd. Traffic will exit UTSA Boulevard and travel along the frontage road to get through the area.

Eastbound lanes will close first, at 8:30 p.m. nightly. Westbound lanes will close around 10 p.m. All lanes will be reopened by 5:30 a.m.

Project bosses hope to have this work finished in a single night, but we are planning on two nights of closures to ensure enough time.

Beyond this, road crews are using nightly alternating lane closures to lay asphalt and work on barriers. Bridge builders are focused on work near UTSA Blvd and DeZavala Road. Overhead highway sign supports will also be built with routine overnight lane closures.

The project is currently running ahead of schedule for its mid-2015 completion target.