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Friday, September 11

Major closure on I-35 this weekend: an update

Drivers along I-35 near SAMMC have noted - and some have called about - signs advertising a full main-lanes closure for the southbound I-35 lanes between George Beach and AT&T Parkway.

This closure has been rescheduled for NEXT weekend, September 19-20. Here's a break-down of what will happen next week:

Saturday morning
Beginning at 3 a.m. the northbound main lanes of I-35 will be closed between AT&T Parkway and Binz-Engelman. This closure will allow crews with LANE Construction to set bridge support beams over the Salado Creek crossing. Project supervisors are saying all lanes should be reopened by noon.

With the lanes closed crews will exit Binz-Engelman, pass through the Binz-Engelman intersection and re-enter the highway north of George Beach.

Sunday morning
Again, starting at 3 a.m. crews with LANE Construction will close the southbound main lanes of I-35 as well as the ramp from northbound I-410 to southbound I-35. Basically, they're doing the same work as they did Saturday - setting bridge support beams - but on the opposite side of the highway. Project supervisors say everything will be reopened early afternoon.

Southbound I-35 traffic will exit George Beach, pass through the George Beach and Binz-Engleman intersections and re-enter the highway prior to reaching AT&T Parkway.

Northbound I-410 traffic will use northbound I-35, exit Rittiman Road, turn around and follow the southbound I-35 detour noted above.

If this is your neck of the woods or an area you frequent, let your friends know!