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Monday, October 26

First comes rain, then comes ... well, you know.

We all saw this in May. And in June. For this year, at least, these things crop up more than zombies in World War Z. It makes sense, of course - we're on pace to see more precipitation this year than we've seen since 2007 (and 2007 is the wettest year San Antonio has seen this century).

If only we had Brad Pitt as one of our staff members, we'd solve this forever!

We're talking about potholes. Well, pavement failures of all sorts, really. It's what our maintenance guys spend thousands of hours each year combating, and we can use your help to do it.

Here's the deal: we don't have anyone to just drive around to find problems. We don't have sensors in the roadway to alert us of issues. We rely on folks to tell us where there are problems. We do have a department policy where, as full-time employees, we are asked to report any issues we see in our own driving. With hundreds of employees in the San Antonio region, this gives us decent coverage.

You might see something we don't, however. So if you do see something, help us out! Give us a call and report a pothole or other pavement issue, and we'll put it on our list to be addressed immediately. Here's what you'll need before you dial the phone:
  • Highway you saw the issue on
  • Direction you were driving (N, S, E or W)
  • Nearest cross streets
  • Which lane you were in (left, right, center)
  • Nature of the issue you saw
One very important note: The Texas Department of Transportation is charged with maintaining state highways only. This means roads that have a state highway designation of some sort. This includes Interstate highways (I-10, I-35, I-37 and I-410), US Highways (like US 90 or US 281), Texas Highways (like Hwy 151 or Hwy 46), Farm-to-Market roads (like FM 1560 or FM 2696) and state spurs or loops (like Loop 1604 or Spur 53 or Spur 537).

If it's not a state-maintained road, reach out to the good folks with the city in which you're traveling or your county. They're likely in the same boat we're in, trying to catch up and keep up with the damage from such deluges as we've seen this year.

Oh, yeah ... here's our number:

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