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Wednesday, October 14

RAMP CLOSURE: I-35 at Eisenhauer

The next phase of work along the I-35 corridor between the Windcrest area and SAMMC will start tonight, with the exit ramps to Eisenhauer Road closing through the rest of the year.

The northbound entrance ramp from Eisenhauer will also close. Exiting traffic will use the next available ramp and turn around to get to Eisenhauer; traffic entering from Eisenhauer will continue along to the next available ramp.

The closures will allow crews to realign the ramps. As part of the work to improve the traffic flow through this area, the ramps are being reversed - exit ramps will become entrance ramps and vice versa.

The idea here is to end up with a series of interchanges with a "Super X" configuration. This configuration allows exiting traffic to queue on the frontage roads rather than stack up onto the main lanes, and allows entering traffic to miss the signalized intersections.

Once work on the ramps around Eisenhauer finishes, crews with The Lane Company will move to ramps around Rittiman Road and Walzem.

The overall completion of improvements on I-35 between George Beach and Randolph Boulevard is set for the end of 2016.