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Monday, December 21

UTSA Boulevard: daily closures for drain structures

This is our window of opportunity.
With classes dismissed for Christmas at UTSA last week we have until January 8 to get a whole lot of drain structures set to cross the roadway. This work requires crews to close portions of the road, making for one-way traffic with flaggers controlling the flow of traffic for the next two weeks.
If this is your area, expect some delays on UTSA Boulevard. We'll be out of the way in time for the rush of students before spring term, and we won't be doing anything on Christmas or New Year's Day, but every other day expect to see us out there.
The work will be confined to that stretch between UTEX Boulevard and Edward Ximenes. If you can find a way around this area, we highly recommend doing so.
With the closures we'll be able to install storm drains crossing the road to get run-off away from the road and into Leon Creek, where the water flow is supposed to go. By knocking this out now crews will be able to tie these crossings into drain structures along the stretch of roadway we are expanding (more on that in a moment) while traffic continues to enjoy the old configuration it's currently in.
As for the final product, it'll be done in 2017. When finished the road will have two lanes in each direction with a center left-turn lane. We are also adding bike lanes and a "meandering sidewalk" multi-use path on the south side of the road.