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Tuesday, January 12

I-410 at Hwy 151 update

The westbound exit ramp off Hwy 151 to Ingram and Potranco roads has been closed, as has the entrance ramp on the eastbound side coming from the same roads, while crews construct the new direct connector from eastbound Hwy 151 to northbound I-410.

Those ramps are expected to remain closed through most of 2016; they will be rebuilt between bridge support columns and opened as soon as the overhead work at those ramp locations is finished and traffic can be safely restored.

That said, project bosses with Williams Brothers Construction are working on ways to accelerate the work at those locations to reopen the ramps as soon as they can. Priority is being given to the westbound exit ramp; this would allow traffic to more easily reach the businesses along the westbound frontage road of Hwy 151 and give Williams Brothers a chance to move to the exit ramp to Hunt Lane. No firm timeline is in place, but a target of this summer has been identified.

While bridge crews are working hard to get support structures in place for the new direct connectors (besides the eastbound 151 connector to northbound I-410, a connector from southbound I-410 to westbound 151 is being constructed) road crews are preparing to widen Highway 151 between Potranco Road and Hunt Lane. Several improvements to the southbound frontage road of I-410 between Ingram Road and Hwy 151 are planned as well, and crews working on the preparation work for those improvements are busily underway.

Overall completion of this project, paid for through Proposition 1 funds, is scheduled for late 2017.