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Wednesday, February 17

Leon Springs traffic switch TOMORROW

Those who drive along the I-10 corridor around Leon Springs - that is, between Dominion Drive and Ralph Fair Road - will see a fairly significant change to the way they get around beginning tomorrow (February 18).

Starting tomorrow the frontage road coming from Boerne Stage Road to Ralph Fair Road - this is the road running from Rudy's Bar-B-Q now - will be converted to one-way only. We'll have it back at two-way by mid-summer this year.
Work on the bridge will turn the frontage road between Boerne Stage and Aue roads to one-way. The segment between Aue Road and the westbound exit ramp to Ralph Fair Road will remain two-way at this time, allowing exiting traffic access to Aue Road, the park-and-ride and to local businesses.

The conversion will allow Texas Sterling Construction to rebuild the bridge over the creek bed to meet more modern standards. The bridge will be built in halves, one half at a time.

With the road limited to a single lane, traffic will be westbound only between Boerne Stage Road and Aue Road. This will have the largest impact on parents coming from Ralph Fair Road and Aue Road to reach Leon Springs Elementary; these folks will need to use Ralph Fair Road and either run through Boerne Stage Road to reach the school or use the highway to go all the way to Camp Bullis, turn around and then exit Boerne Stage Road.

We do realize how difficult this will be. We actually put a lot of thought into various scenarios and realized whether we started now or waited until June we would have some overlap with the school year. Starting now allows this project to finish up without further delays.

More changes are coming in the next few weeks; we'll have more to post (with graphics!) next week.