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Tuesday, May 24

Loop 1604: Yet another update (and a round of closures)

Look, we get it. We have 12 counties here in the San Antonio District, and we have literally dozens of active projects.

And, yet ... all we're updating here is this project - the Loop 1604 expansion between Bandera and Culebra roads. We're over it, too. The good news is we're on the home stretch; in about three weeks the orange barrels will start to disappear as this project is completed.

In order to get there, we've got a lot of asphalt work to do on the frontage roads. Yes, we've had main lane closures to do this over the last week or so. Now we'll all be enduring frontage road closures. Here's the plan:

Starting tonight (that's May 24 - we found out at about 5 p.m. tonight here in the communications office) Williams Brothers will start near Culebra Road and begin laying asphalt on the northbound frontage road. the aim here is to get all the way to Helotes Creek and then lay asphalt on the southbound frontage road.

Work at the intersection of Shaenfield Road will be limited to overnight work only so we don't end up having lane closures at that intersection during the day.

However, if you're a daytime driver, expect to see just one lane on the frontage road between Culebra Road and Helotes Creek through next Friday. Remember it'll be the northbound side first, then we'll work the southbound side. Also, expect to see some ramp closures as needed (though we'll try to make that happen at night).

Once work up to Helotes Creek is finished, Williams Brothers will continue on through Bandera Road. Again, this will be work on the northbound side first, then they'll turn around and work the southbound side. We'll also make sure to work the intersections overnight to limit the traffic interruptions.

Expect work north of Helotes Creek to begin late next week. If weather holds for us, we'll be through with all this by June 11. (Yes, we just gave a date - but note the "if weather holds" line here....)

If you get stuck in some of this, please remember one key item: come three weeks from now, this project will be all but complete and you'll have a free-flow moving forward.