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Thursday, August 25

Mail Bag: Alamo Ranch and Hwy 151

Great work on the 1604 to 151 connector! I was curious about how things will work down the line though for those that are coming out of the Alamo Ranch shopping center by Target. Will they be able to access that fly-over as they exit from down by Chick-fil-a or even Culebra on that frontage road eventually, or will they have to continue down the service road to the 1604/Wiseman intersection now that the light is gone there by the construction zone? If I recall, there's going to be a light in the final piece by Casa Blanca/Alamo Ranch Pkwy that will allow access to 151, but that hasn't been built. Is that traffic just forced to Wiseman/1604 for now if they want to get back on 151? Thanks again!
- Rick
Why did you close down the traffic light at 1604 and 151? Traffic is now a nightmare there! All those cars funneled into a single lane to enter 1604 from Alamo Ranch ? Whose bright idea was that? It took over an hour to get to 151 this morning (August 1)! And looking at it now at 4:30 p.m. with that map link you gave, traffic is already RED for that whole "extra 2 miles" and you are saying it'll be this bad until next year? Great planning there!
- Angry Driver
Why was there no direct connector planned from westbound Hwy 151 to northbound Lp 1604 in the current project? Will there be one in the future? The traffic is clearly alleviated during the morning commute now the flyover is complete, but the afternoon traffic gets worse and worse as the 151 traffic shares the entrance with the 1604-Culebra exit traffic.
- Greg
There was a question concerning connecting FM 471 (Culebra) to Hwy 151 earlier that still has not been addressed. The folks that live on Culebra have no access to 151. The ramp that was built was blocked off to them and the light that was in place was taken down. Why was this done before the link with ARP was complete? Are there any plans on giving this growing community access to 151 in the interim?
- Matt

Y'all pose some great questions, and we know several share some of the frustrations that are expressed here. To answer these questions, we posted a video earlier this week to YouTube (it was plugged into our last post). Matt, you're right - it took us a bit too long to get this done. We should have had a vid like this posted two weeks ago.
Better late than never, though. Without further ado, here you go: