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Tuesday, August 16

Mail Bag: Potranco Road traffic, city and county projects, I-10

Could you tell me how many cars drive down Potranco Road daily? I mostly interested in the part of Potranco behind Redbird Ranch. Thank you!

Kristi, you're asking a question we typically get via phone. It's a great question! And, to help you really get the info you're wanting, I'll give you source material.
We have, posted online, a five-year record of our traffic counts. This will allow you to see what that segment of Potranco has been doing for five years, giving you an idea of what to expect in the future. (We don't house more than five years online for two reasons: first, records retention requires five years posted like this; second, we already host tens of thousands of pages of data online, and capping info at five years helps us minimize our IT expense.)
That said, it's worth noting there's a trick to using the data we've got posted.

When will UTEX from UTSA Blvd and the I-10 access road be completed? 
This question is really a question for the city of San Antonio - UTEX is a city roadway. That said, the work there may be more associated with private development than with city work. That's a question to ask the folks with the city's TCI group when you visit with them.

I see construction on 471 is to begin 8-15. Is there a map of the project and what's being done, and for how long? Also, what is the plan for connecting 151/Alamo Ranch/211? and when does that start?Thanks.
- Michael
You've got a few different questions going on here, Michael. So, one at a time.
First, the Culebra Road work (FM 471) that started this week is being handled entirely by Bexar County. They've got our logo up on the project sign boards because we approved the design and, when the county is done with the project, we'll buy it back from them. It's a funding option that gets projects delivered through local participation called pass-through financing, but we digress (to be clear, this application of pass-through financing does not involve tolls). Bottom line: the county has a project information page available here, and if you've got questions at all they can be reached here.
The county also has some information about the extension of Alamo Ranch Parkway on that same info page. The biggest thing to note is ARP is being developed by private developers as they continue to build up the area and add homes (and shopping options). This is not being built by your tax dollars. Though, when developers finish, they turn it over for public maintenance. Because it's being built by private folks, though, we don't have an exact timeline on when to expect ARP to reach Hwy 211.
Oh, yeah, and Hwy 211 needs to be extended so ARP can actually connect with it. That $24 million effort is also being done by Bexar County and isn't slated to start until next year, provided all the funds match up next year.

What will happen to the (I-10) access roads from Ralph Fair Road toward 46 going west? Will they switch to one way? Will they remain two way? Right now they are still working on them. Will they widen them eventually?
What will happen at Old Fredericksburg Road coming toward the access road from Village Green and Fallbrook? Will there eventually be and underpass or overpass? I have heard both stories. Will they improve the Fair Oaks Bridge across 10. It's shaky!
- Mike
So back in March we started work on a project between Ralph Fair Road and Fair Oaks Parkway. Basically we're converting the frontage roads to one-way (which requires some widening for shoulders, curbs and sidewalks) and adding an overpass on I-10 at Old Fred Road - it'll take I-10 over a new intersection that connects Old Fred with Buckskin Drive.
We're also reconstructing the bridge at Fair Oaks and I-10, basically expanding it a la Ralph Fair. That project starts here in the fall and will wrap up in 2018.
What about beyond Fair Oaks Parkway? Well, eventually we will have one-way frontage road. Our goal is to eliminate one-way frontage roads wherever we've got a developed, metro area. We're not quite ready to do that - we need more money first - but it is on the agenda. Once we're nearing that work beyond Fair Oaks Parkway, we'll host a series of open house discussions to show y'all what we've got.

Concerning the work activity at hwy 46 and hwy 281: There needs to be a sign informing east bound Hwy 46 traffic that two lanes will merge to one. The existing one was removed for construction and has not been replaced.
Thank you for addressing this matter. It will require a follow-up with the poorly performing contractor that is presently on site. With out this sign there will be a collision and a fair amount of road rage played out.
I'll start with the really good news: we've only got a few really light items left to have this job finished (finally) and it looks like we should wrap up this month. We're seeing CRG on the site daily (with the exception of Monday, due to weather) and we're seeing good progress. Rest assured they'll be held very accountable for dragging this project out the way they have, but we're looking at a finish in a matter of days.
As for the sign? We checked the plan sheets and no such sign is called for in the plans. That said, we've made our maintenance guys and our operations guys aware of the issue so we can have it addressed as appropriately and quickly as possible.