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Wednesday, September 7

Signal construction on Pat Booker Rd

If you're one who lives, works or plays around Universal City or the city of Converse, you'll want to know about this.

Our signal crews will be upgrading some signals along Pat Booker Road, particularly right there at FM 78, on September 20.

That's a Tuesday. Work should just take a single day, weather permitting. That said, the one day we'll be out there will involve considerable interruptions to traffic flow. In particular:

  • Signals will be disabled at FM 78 and Pat Booker for the day; traffic will be directed by off-duty police officers
  • Intermittent stops to traffic will occur while crews work on overhead signal heads; these stops should only be a few minutes at a time, but they will happen
  • Crossing the Union Pacific Railroad line at this location will be facilitated by flaggers
So what are we doing, exactly? It's a full-on upgrade. We're replacing the signal control box, replacing two signal mast arms and upgrading the flashing yellow arrows and detection systems.

Oh, and this is also happening at the intersection of Pat Booker Road and Aviation.

We'll do our best to avoid peak hours, but expect crews to be on site by 9 a.m. and continue their work until we're finished.