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Thursday, September 8

Southbound on-ramp from George Beach

Earlier this week a commuter called to alert us to a ramp closure near SAMMC that didn't seem to make much sense when the closure was observed. Truthfully, we didn't have record of the closure on our end, so we had to do some digging.

Last week, due to the heavy rains we've had, a weakness in the pavement base turned into failure. Crews closed the southbound entrance ramp from George Beach due to safety concerns and are surveying the ramp to determine the best course of action to fix the failure and get the ramp operating in a safe manner once again.

Our field staff tried to reopen the ramp this week, but quickly shut it back down because of the failure situation. Our folks are treating this as a priority item, but do expect to have the ramp closed about two weeks.

With the ramp closed traffic from George Beach (particularly coming out of SAMMC) will need to use the on-ramp south of Binz-Engleman. Traffic coming from Rittiman should have its own ramp, so that will make things at the George Beach intersection (and at Binz-Engleman) at least tolerable.
Again, this is all a safety issue - we understand and apologize for the inconvenience. We know it's less than ideal (understatement), but we also know the alternative is far worse.

With that, we thank you for understanding and remaining patient!