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Thursday, January 5

Cold temps = no asphalt work this weekend

By now you've probably heard or seen our closures set for this weekend. If not, check this out and come back to this post.

So Mother Nature is throwing a wrench in the works on us. In order to lay asphalt - like, final surface asphalt - we need to have our temperatures above 50 degrees (actually, for the type of asphalt we were planning to lay on Hwy 151 between Lp 1604 and Wiseman, it's 50 degrees and rising). This weekend ... well, we won't be that warm.

That means we'll have to cancel the closures planned at Hwy 151 and Loop 1604. Bummer, we know. That means you can resume any plans you had to be out and about in the area this weekend (yay!). Right now we don't have a firm reschedule plan, but if we end up getting overnight temperatures that are favorable next week we might be able to get this work done overnight. No promises on that, though ... we may end up having to go for January 13-15 (basically just pushing back work a full weekend). If that's the case, review the plan in this video (and, yes ... PLEASE get this word out via NextDoor and Facebook if you're in this impacted area):
But what about concrete work? Or demolition work? Temperatures don't impact that work as much. We don't have heavy winds in the forecast, so we should be on like Donkey Kong for that massive closure you've been hearing about this week at I-35 and New Braunfels Avenue. And yes, we really are taking a Spurs Break with that closure.

We're also moving forward with the closure of the westbound frontage road of Hwy 151 between I-410 and Ingram Road Saturday night, so if that's your area ... well, be aware and be ready to take Military Drive instead.