Saturday, September 30

I-10 frontage roads about to go one-way

You read the headline correct: a date has been scheduled to officially convert the existing two-way frontage roads between Foster and Greytown roads to one-way. If you thought this was about that other I-10 frontage road conversion ... well, that's coming next year.
At any rate, the date is ...
... Saturday, October 14.
Work will get started around 8 in the morning and continue until they're all finished. We know you want to know what this means for you and more details, so here we go.

Project Recap
The summer heat and rainy weather didn’t keep us from moving forward with the $63.8 million project to build a new overpass at Woodlake Parkway, upgrade the intersections and signals, reconfigure the entrance and exit ramps and convert the frontage roads to one-way. Work began fall 2016 and is expected to wrap up mid-2019. Texas Sterling Construction is the contractor and we have CEC managing and inspecting the work.
You can read all the details about the project here.

All about the One-Way Frontage Roads
This is BIG news because it means you will no longer be able to drive opposite directions on the existing two-way frontage roads. If you’re driving eastbound on the I-10 frontage road from Foster Road to Greytown Road this means you can only drive east. Same if you’re driving westbound, you can only drive west. You’ve probably seen message boards along the project with notification about Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.
This is a HUGE improvement in safety. Studies show there’s a significant reduction in the number, type, and severity of crashes on one-way frontage roads:
  • They reduce fatal and injury crashes by 57 percent
  • They reduce serious head-on and angle crashes by 80-96 percent
  • They reduce intersection crashes by 77-85 percent
Work will begin bright and early Saturday morning. If you drive through the area you'll see a slew of construction vehicles - like truck-mounted attenuators - and flaggers as the new signs go up on the frontage roads. Texas Sterling Construction will have both frontage roads limited to a single lane.

What now?
So where do you drive now? What are you supposed to do come3 Saturday night? The answer is really pretty simple. Just go with the flow - drive in the same direction as the corresponding main lane, just like you would on any other urban highway. You can turn around at the intersections of Foster Road, FM 1516, Loop 1604 and Greytown Road.

Another bit of info
By the way… we’re saving the best for last! The conversion has been accelerated by eight months to expedite delivery of the project.
We know you love us for it. We love y'all, too.
Need More Information
Have questions and need some answers? Let us know - we want to keep you informed. Lastly, we
want to give a friendly reminder to drive safe and be mindful in construction zones.