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Wednesday, November 1

Hwy 46 getting a new road surface next few weeks

If your commute in New Braunfels includes Hwy 46 between I-35 and FM 758 expect minor delays due to construction between November 6 and November 17.

Overnight closures of the middle portion of Hwy 46 between I-35 and FM 758 tomorrow (Thursday) night, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night. Each night crews will begin about 8 p.m. and will be cleared out by 6 a.m. each morning.
Daytime closures of alternating lanes on Hwy 46 between I-35 and FM 758 begin Monday, November 6 and will run through Friday, November 17. Work will begin 9 a.m. and wrap up by 4 p.m. each day.
During the daytime closures we will make sure we have one lane open in each direction. The last few days of this closure will be a "rolling" closure, with crews slowly progressing along the route.

We are resurfacing Hwy 46, and we're almost done with the work we've been tackling out there the last few months. The overnight work will let us mill the middle of the road to just about match what's out there on the rest of the road right now.
The daytime work will allow asphalt crews to do their thing. The top layer of asphalt we're laying is a fairly thin layer of specialized surface asphalt. Because of the way it's made up and because of how thin it is, we have to have temperatures of 70 degrees and rising. This pretty much prevents us from doing work overnight this time of the year.
Once pavers are done with their work a striping crew will follow to set lane markers.

By the way
A new traffic signal on Hwy 46 at FM 758 will be installed November 6. It should only take a day to install, so if you drive through the area expect to see those flashing beacons replaced by a full signal during your evening commute.
If something pops up to delay us at all, that signal will be in action by November 7.
Ordinarily we put new signals on "flash" mode to drum up awareness of the signal. In this case, since a beacon already exists at this spot, we're going to go ahead and immediately turn the signal on with full functionality.