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Saturday, January 6

New Year ... new updates on the I-10 East project

It sure has been cold outside ... we're hoping this post comes with warmth of good news to start 2018 for those driving the I-10 corridor east of town.

Here’s a quick project recap
The $63.8 million I-10 East project started fall 2016 and is expected to wrap-up mid-2019. Texas Sterling Construction is doing the heavy lifting while CEC does the project management and inspection. Work include a new overpass bridge at Woodlake Parkway, several intersection upgrades (including some new signals), reconfiguration of entrance and exit ramps and conversion of the frontage roads. You can read all the details about the project here.

So what’s the GOOD news?
Today westbound traffic will move onto the new Woodlake Overpass at 10:00 a.m. Lane shifts on the westbound side currently in place will be removed to allow traffic access to the new westbound lanes.
Yes, that's only the westbound side.
We know you’re probably wondering about the eastbound lanes; crews will turn focus to the eastbound bridge, which should open before summer.

One-way frontage roads
One of our big project milestones of 2017 was getting the frontage roads converted to one-way. We hope by now drivers have acclimated to the one-way frontage roads between Foster and Greytown roads. The one-way conversion was crucial to improve safety with the continued development of the corridor.
The conversion was accelerated by eight months to speed up delivery of the project. We know the transition hasn't been perfect for everyone, but Texas Sterling put a temporary turnaround at 1516 to support flowing traffic that should be helping. Reconfigured ramps are coming in 2018 to push the traffic build-up onto the frontage roads and away from the main lanes.

Drive friendly, y’all!
The winter months naturally bring cold and rainy weather that cause slick, wet roads. As a friendly reminder, be safe and drive smart - particularly through construction zones. If you have questions and need some answers? Let us know. We want to keep you informed!