Thursday, January 25

All major closures OFF for this weekend

We got word yesterday some closures planned for this weekend have been pushed while a few others have been added to the slate. Buckle up and we'll get straight to the point.

Called off ... for now:
I-35 at New Braunfels Avenue. We had planned a full closure of the I-35 main lanes this weekend. We've run into a scheduling issue and won't be able to get the bridge support beams on site. If we don't have beams, we can't set them - which means we won't need to close the highway. We are told by our contractor, CRG Inc., the beams will be on site and ready to be set Feb. 2-5.
Boerne Stage Road at I-10 (Leon Springs). We had nightly closures of Boerne Stage Road at I-10 scheduled beginning the night of Tuesday, January 30. This has been pushed; we do not yet have a new date. Expect to see that posted in an upcoming lane closures report.
I-410 at Hwy 151. Last weekend we had some frontage road closures to set steel support beams to finish the framework for the southbound I-410 connector to westbound Hwy 151. We were planning on this weekend being the first of three consecutive weekends with closures to install steel support beams for the eastbound Hwy 151 connector to northbound I-410. The first two weekends the main lanes of I-410 will be completely closed at Hwy 151. The detour is really straightforward: exit Hwy 151, follow the frontage road and re-enter at the next available ramp. We'll have police officers at intersections to keep folks moving.
UPDATE: So ... right at 5 p.m. this evening (Thursday) we got word from Williams Brothers Construction the 410-151 closure will NOT be happening this weekend as planned. Permit applications for the trucks hauling the oversized steel beams had not been filed on time, so the beams won't be on site. As with the I-35 at New Braunfels Ave situation we cannot set a beam we do not have.
Which means ... we really don't have any major closures set for this weekend. But next weekend? That'll be a different story.

In the future:
Closures at the intersection of I-410 and Hwy 151 will happen, weather permitting, the first three weekends of February.
We also expect an intersection closure of the eastbound frontage road of US Hwy 90 at northbound Loop 1604 February 2-4. Immediately following that work the eastbound main lanes of US 90 will close at Lp 1604 for some overhead bridge work.
And don't forget about that planned closure we talked about above of I-35 at New Braunfels next weekend. That one, we're fairly sure, is absolutely going to happen.