Thursday, April 5

Keeping an eye on traffic ... and closures on I-10

Did you know you can see up-to-date photos of traffic on our major corridors across the city on our Transguide website?
The folks on the morning and evening news casts aren't the only ones who can view the 200-plus cameras Transguide has across the city. That list of cameras just got longer with new fixtures along the I-10 project expanding the highway to include HOV lanes between La Cantera Parkway and Ralph Fair Road.
Those new cameras are located at:
  • Ralph Fair Road
  • Boerne Stage Road
  • Dominion Drive
  • Heuermann Road
  • Camp Bullis Road
  • Rim Drive
  • La Cantera Parkway
While you can't get a live video feed from the cameras at home without a hard line directly into the Transguide center, you can catch snapshots of traffic updated every few minutes online from any computer.
As we're doing on most of our highway projects across the area, the new cameras were included during the earliest stages of construction and came online the beginning of 2018. This means any time you plan to move between Leon Springs and San Antonio you can take a look at how traffic is moving on the Transguide website and potentially save you a from a headache.

Speaking of headaches....
We'll have all lanes of I-10 closed at Camp Bullis this weekend (April 6-9) while crews prepare the overpass bridge to be expanded. Next weekend (April 13-16) we'll have I-10 down to a single lane at Dominion Drive to do the same work there. Both weekends the cross street under the highway will be completely closed.
Work begins each weekend on Friday at 9 p.m. and we'll have things wrapped up no later than Monday morning at 5.
This weekend traffic will exit Camp Bullis, follow the frontage road and re-enter the highway at the next available ramp. We'll have officers working at the intersection of Camp Bullis to direct traffic and keep things moving.

What’s next at the bridges?
In addition to getting the existing bridges ready to be expanded we have bridge crews still working on those support structures. Once all that support work is finished we'll be ready to set bridge beams and work on the expansion we're preparing for. That will require a slight diversion at these intersections, which is still being worked on. We should have an update in May telling you what to expect while these bridge decks get built.

One more thing....
The west-to-east turnaround at Camp Bullis will close Monday, April 9 and will remain closed through the month of April. During that time traffic will use the signalized intersection to turn around. We are working with San Antonio TCI to ensure the signal is timed appropriately to handle the additional traffic.
These kinds of closures at the intersections will happen throughout the project as we work overhead to expand the bridges. Though we may not be to your favorite turnaround yet, expect it to happen at some point this year. We'll do our best to keep the duration of the closure down to as close to a month as we can.