Monday, May 14

I-10 corridor report: pavement failures, future closures, progress

While you enjoy your beautiful spring weekends Flatiron Construction is hard at work expanding I-10 between Ralph Fair Road and La Cantera Parkway. Weather permitting, some major closures will happen at the Camp Bullis intersection soon.
Beginning Friday, May 18th, at 9 p.m. and finishing up by the morning of May 20th we will close the westbound lanes of I-10 at Camp Bullis. This closure will allow a crane to roll in and place half of the bridge beams for the expanded bridge. We will place the other half of the beams - the beams for the eastbound main lanes bridge - on June 1st through 4th. This will mean another weekend-long closure.
Fun fact: each beam we are setting is 100 feet long and weighs approximately 83,200 pounds (that's 41.6 tons for those of you keeping score at home). To put that weight in perspective, that is the equivalent of approximately eight African elephants or 320,000 bananas. With all that weight moving around, it is easy to see why the intersection is closed. It’s for your safety.
Eastbound and westbound traffic on Camp Bullis Rd. will be closed, only one direction at a time, during the weekends that the construction is taking place. Westbound traffic take the westbound frontage road and use the turnaround at Dominion Drive to get back to Camp Bullis. Eastbound traffic will have a similar scenario in reverse.
With the intersection being closed you may ask whether drivers will be confused on where to turn and when. We will have sufficient uniformed officers on hand to safely move and direct traffic through the intersection, along with message boards and signs. We are striving to repeat and improve upon the success we had at Dominion Drive while learning from what happened the last time we shut down I-10 at Camp Bullis.
If you are ever wondering what’s going on, you can check out the TransGuide cameras. You can also check out our previous posts on the project.

Pavement failure
THANK YOU to all for patience as we dealt with the pavement failure on the eastbound main lanes at Boerne Stage Road. The issue has been resolved and a strong temporary fix is in place. Fortunately the permanent fix will come as a happy result of the construction we're already doing.
What happened? We had an excavator get a bit ambitious and work just a little too far ahead of a crew installing temporary retaining walls. That led to some early settling in the dirt under the road and some buckling in the temporary retaining wall. It was a gamble the contractor took - a lot of contractors take - and it didn't pay off.
The cost for the fix came at the contractor's expense and we're pleased with the attention Flatiron Construction paid the issue. Huge kudos to their team.