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Wednesday, May 30

Upcoming major closures

We just got off the phone with our engineers in the field and have our not-so-lengthy list of major closures to watch out for over the next week or so....

I-10 at Camp Bullis
We've talked about this before ... the eastbound main lanes of I-10 will close at Camp Bullis Friday night and reopen Monday morning. That's 9 p.m. Friday through about 5 a.m. Monday for those who want specific timeframes.
We're hanging bridge support beams over Camp Bullis, so we'll also have Camp Bullis closed at I-10 through the weekend. Traffic will use the frontage roads and turnarounds to reach its destination.
Remember: this will impact (directly, anyway) only the eastbound main lanes and Camp Bullis itself.

I-410 at US 90
We have a slew of overnight closures through the next week or two on I-410 at US 90. If this is your nighttime commute just expect I-410 to be closed through about mid-June while we finish up some overhead bridge work. Yes, that's both directions of I-410.
Traffic will exit US 90 and follow the frontage road to the next available ramp.

That's it!
None of our other project have any major (that is, an entire direction or more of the highway) closures over the next week or so. Overnight closures abound in almost all of our construction zones, but those are typically the normal alternating closures you'll see with any project.
Plan your drives accordingly and be safe, drive smart!