Wednesday, June 26

I-10 Far East San Antonio Project: Traffic Switch Puts Drivers On New Mainlanes

As construction progresses on the widening of I-10 between I-410 and Loop 1604 on San Antonio’s Far East Side, drivers on the eastbound mainlanes will experience this weekend traffic pattern changes and detours in the western-most portion of the project.

Crews are currently working to complete the construction of new concrete mainlanes in the former center median area between WW White Boulevard and Rosillo Creek. 

I-10 eastbound traffic in Far East San Antonio will be diverted to new permanent mainlanes, which are actually below the existing mainlanes to provide additional clearance under the I-410 overpass.
Starting this Friday (June 28), eastbound traffic will be rerouted to this new pavement, which will allow crews to begin reconstructing the outside eastbound mainlanes. 

This traffic shift will also require the construction and use of a temporary ramp to connect northbound I-410 traffic to the new eastbound I-10 mainlanes, which will in turn require closure of the eastbound I-10 exit to Ackerman Road. 

These traffic pattern changes are anticipated to remain in effect through the summer and are intended to keep eastbound I-10 mainlane traffic flowing while minimizing impact to surrounding neighborhoods as much as possible during this time.

As with other projects we've got going across our district seeing traffic switches, implementation will require closures. For this one, drivers can expect the following closures from 9 p.m. Friday, June 28, until 5 a.m. Monday, July 1:
  • All eastbound I-10 mainlanes will be closed from just west of I-410 to Foster Road. DETOUR: Traffic diverted to Ackerman Road exit to the collector-distributor road that runs under I-410, then travel on the frontage road through the Ackerman and Foster intersections and re-enter the mainlanes after Foster. Police officers will be on site helping direct traffic flow and prevent delays.
  • Crews will install traffic barricades and route traffic to the new eastbound mainlanes.
  • The connector ramp from northbound I-410 to eastbound I-10 and the eastbound exit ramp to Foster Road will be temporarily closed while crews install traffic barriers and place temporary pavement.
  • Once traffic has been routed to the new mainlanes, the Ackerman Road exit will be closed. This exit closure will allow crews to extend the direct connector ramp from northbound I-410 to the new eastbound I-10 mainlanes. 
The following closures and detours are currently planned to remain in effect from July 1 through late summer (see map below): 
  • The eastbound I-10 exit to Ackerman Road will remain closed. 
  • PRIMARY DETOUR: Eastbound I-10 and southbound I-410 traffic seeking to exit to Ackerman will take I-410 southbound, exit at FM 1346/E. Houston St., then turn around and take the northbound frontage road to Ackerman.
  • ALTERNATE DETOUR: Eastbound I-10 traffic may exit at Foster Road, then turn around and take the westbound frontage road back to Ackerman.

We realize that the closure of the Ackerman Road exit may cause some delays and inconvenience for drivers.

We appreciate your patience while we address these necessary construction updates, part of this overall expansion project that will add capacity through additional travel lanes as well as various reconstructed bridges or overpasses.

Please be assured that our contractors will work as fast as possible to reopen the ramps in this area.