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Friday, October 11

Fred-Med update

Road closures aren't in the immediate future for the project at the intersection of Fredericksburg Road and Medical Drive, but some water services will be interrupted overnight next week in order to install cut-in valves that will accommodate other San Antonio Water System adjustments.

These overnight shut-offs, required by SAWS to perform the necessary work getting the water lines out of the way of the road construction project, are planned to begin Tuesday night and run through Sunday morning.
  • Tuesday night, the buildings northeast corner of the intersection will be impacted;that is, Oak Cliff Village.
  • Wednesday and Thursday night the buildings on the northwest corner of the intersection - primarily a storage facility - will be impacted.
  • Friday and Saturday night the buildings on the southwest corner of the intersection, including the Texaco gas station and the neighboring business complex, will be impacted.
These water shut-offs will be done between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. - hours and times determined by project staff and SAWS to minimize the impact of the work. Project personnel have reached out to a few individual businesses to offer bottled water for those who will be hit hardest by these brief shut-offs.

With these shut-offs out of the way, we should be clear of any other major water shut-offs later on in the project. We might have one or two smaller ones, but those will be individual services and we'll address those with the directly impacted parties as appropriate.

Note, however, I just said water shut-offs would be done by the end of next week....

We have crews laying new gas line over the next few weeks. At some point (at the discretion of City Public Services) that new gas line will need to be connected to those currently enjoying service. That will require brief shut-offs as well.  As soon as more details have been shared with TxDOT, we'll share those details with everyone affected.

Excavation work is already underway as crews beguin building what will eventually be the westbound "frontage road" or "exit ramp" on Medical Drive. We'll try to post a shot of the project from this location regularly, to show the progress of the new intersection.