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Tuesday, October 1

The latest on I-10 Huebner

While the soil nail walls continue to produce a challenge to road builders working on a new eastbound exit ramp to DeZavala (and the east-to-west turnaround bridge at UTSA Boulevard), the remainder of the I-10 Huebner project is running on schedule.

Though some minor changes will come over the next few months - crews are working hard at building the westbound exit to Woodstone Drive (which will be the permanent DeZavala exit) and should have some changes ready for the eastbound exit to DeZavala sooner than later - the next great change on I-10 won't come until January.

That means that, beyond the routine nightly closures that have been implemented on this project just about since it began, no major closures should be announced here until after the holidays.

That's good news for holiday travelers; the big traffic shifts to accommodate work on the DeZavala overpasses was initially projected for late fall this year. The latest schedule produced by the contractor shows they've decided to hold off until January to avoid the busiest shopping and travel season of the year.

Work on the DeZavala overpasses will take about a year to complete. The overall project is slated to be finished mid-2015.