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Thursday, October 10

Weather delays (again), but progress on I-35

Work at Forum Parkway continues to progress, and project supervisors are confident we'll have traffic on the new northbound exit ramp to Forum Parkway in time for the busy holiday shopping season.

That work is known on the jobsite as "Milestone One". The other milestone - oddly enough, "Milestone Two" - involves the northbound exit ramp to FM 3009.

Those who keep up with the project are aware we actually wanted to have the new northbound exit ramp to FM 3009 opened by now. We had planned on closing it late September, with the aim at having work done and the ramp reopened in just three weeks.

Then it started raining. And after some sun, it rained some more. And then again and again. Now ... it's happening again.

In fact, six days in the last three weeks have brought rain. The San Antonio area has gotten nearly an inch of rainfall over that time - much needed, indeed! - and the area of FM 3009 has been too soggy to allow for dirt movers to do their work. Based on forecasts, we're anticipating just as much rainfall over the next week as we've seen over the last three. Typically, when we get a solid rain work is hindered for two or three days more - we have to wait for the ground to dry out.

So the target closing date is being moved again. Last week we announced we'd be shooting for 13 October. Message boards have reflected that goal all week.

The new target is October 20. But remember: weather could flush this back another week yet again.

In the meantime, we've asked the contractor to dedicate some time and effort to getting the remainder of the intersection of I-35 and FM 3009 - including the turnarounds moving northbound traffic to the southbound frontage road - finished up. We anticipated opening the intersection with the new ramp, but that's been a bust.

Now we're trying to get the intersection opened up a bit earlier. Crews have priorities on the project - the northbound ramp to Forum Parkway and southbound ramp to Olympia Parkway and Forum Parkway are the two highest priorities right now - but we're trying to do what we can to get out of the way at FM 3009.

We figure we've had a number of incredible neighbors for the last year-plus, and it's time we get neighborly as well.

So ... here's the bottom line:
  • We're on pace to have traffic on the northbound exit to Forum Parkway
  • We're targeting October 20 to close the northbound ramp to FM 3009 to rebuild it
  • We'll have the northbound ramp to FM 3009 opened three weeks after it's closed
  • We're working to get the north-to-south turnaround at FM 3009 opened sooner than promised, if possible