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Thursday, November 21

Stuff on the northwest side....

It's tough to compose meaningful posts that don't sound like a pile of broken records for projects that are in that "nothing really new to report" phase of work. That's the drawback to three-year-long projects: there's no shortage of weeks with nothing really new to report.

Still, we try to provide the updates we can. With that in mind, here's a look at the two major projects in the northwest corridor of San Antonio:

I-10 Huebner

We're still working on the soil nail walls along the project, including at UTSA Boulevard (on the westbound side) and near DeZavala Road and near the Fredericksburg Road connector. The soil nail walls on the eastbound side of I-10 near UTSA Boulevard have been finished, and the retaining wall panels are being set in place.

There's a lot of work on the eastbound side of I-10 leading up to DeZavala. Most of it is work on a storm water detention pond to aid draining in the area - thus all the digging. The good news: beyond a few occasional frontage road lane closures, there's no real impact to daily traffic.

Here's the biggest news on the project: TxDOT officials will significantly limit lane closures between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In fact, we shouldn't have any main lane disruptions in that window of time.


Between continued excavation and a strong push to finish the Phase I (there are four major phases of work) utility adjustments, there's a lot of digging going on near the intersection of Fredericksburg Road and Medical Drive. The bulk of that will not impact traffic beyond the long-term traffic adjustment that's currently in place (traffic on Medical Drive limited to a single lane each direction down the hill).

We will see some overnight lane closures along Fredericksburg Road through Wednesday of next week, however. Those closures will be the right lane of northbound Fredericksburg Road, and shouldn't really impact traffic horribly during the light-traffic hours we'll be working.

Work is progressing nicely, though, and we're right on schedule. The contractor hopes to have the first phase wrapped up this spring, and has already started working on Phase II work (Phase II should wrap up late summer 2014).

Again, major closures will be limited between Thanksgiving and Christmas ... though the contractor doesn't need many lane closures to do the work that's currently moving.

The biggest change to this project upcoming is the work to be done on the west side of Fredericksburg Road. Excavation is scheduled to begin on the northwest corner of the Fred-Med intersection after Thanksgiving, with work reaching Ewing Halsell by mid-December.