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Saturday, November 9

US 281 Comal - HALFWAY DONE!

In just under a year, we've reached the mark we can consider ourselves about halfway finished with the U.S. 281 expansion project through Spring Branch.

Let me say that again: we're halfway done on the U.S. 281 project in Spring Branch.

Let that sink in a bit, because it's AWESOME!!!

This project is a nearly three-year project. That means we're on pace to finish the project at least a year ahead of the project's expected completion date of late 2015.

We're still working out the issues with the Post Office property - we don't have a solution there quite yet - and we still have some utilities adjustments to deal with. But we're moving pretty darned quickly along the project.

Meanwhile, we're going to slow down traffic on the road - and this is a permanent change. In upcoming weeks the posted speed limit will drop to 55 miles per hour from the river all the way to the Blanco County line. There will be a stretch in Spring Branch with a posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour.

Be aware of these changes, as they will be enforceable immediately after the signs are posted. Again, we're dropping the speed limit in the next two weeks to 55 miles per hour.