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Sunday, November 10

West Avenue bridge beams on tap

The project superintendent responsible for the middle segment of Wurzbach Parkway announced Tuesday bridge beams are being fabricated and are scheduled to arrive at the project later this month.
With bridge support beams—beams that run the length of the bridge and form the primary structure—will come other bridge-building crews. The overpass itself could be finished before the end of the school year, depending on the allocation of resources on the project.
The overpass will not be put into use, however, until the middle segment of the parkway is complete. That isn’t scheduled to happen until 2015.
When crews set the beams, West Avenue will be completely closed overnight at Wurzbach Parkway. This closure will be put in place just three nights. Traffic will follow the same detour route used last year when West Avenue was closed.
That route followed Nakoma Drive, the frontage roads of U.S. Highway 281 and Interpark.
West Avenue will not be closed during daytime hours.
Exact dates for this work have not been set. Those dates will be announced in this publication.
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