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Thursday, June 12

Fred-Med update

Since the traffic shift on a Medical Drive two weeks ago Texas Sterling Company has been aggressively moving on utilities lines along what will be the eastbound lanes of Medical. This includes adjustments to water, sewer, gas, cable, phone and power lines along the road, as well as storm drain lines.

The storm drains are actually finished west of Fredericksburg Road - as of tonight, at least - and crews are starting to move across Fred Road. That work is done at night and requires nightly lane closures.

Once all the utilities lines are in, just like what was done on the westbound side, crews will begin working on the actual roadway that will provide access to Fred Road for those using Medical. TSC bosses are trying to hit the eastbound side more aggressively than the westbound side, taking full advantage of summer weather.

Major excavation for the main lanes of Medical, running under Fred Road, will likely start in August. The actual bridge will be built to the side of Fred Road and slid into place. That work is on schedule for this fall. 

The overall project completion is set for early 2015.