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Tuesday, June 17

I-10 Huebner report

Last weekend crews with Webber Construction closed lanes of I-10 between UTSA Blvd and Huebner Rd to do paving work that will get the area ready for the next major phase of construction. The closures were picked up at around 10 a.m., though we had approved them to be out there until noon.

That and other recent closures have been experimental as we've worked with the contractor to speed up work on the job. We learned a few lessons, including just how heavy traffic is during the late-evening commute on eastbound I-10. We will avoid main lane closures earlier the 8:30 p.m. moving forward. As for Saturday daytime closures that are out of the way by noon, we may occasionally give Webber the go-ahead - for instance, this weekend we'll see a Friday night into Saturday morning closure like last week - but we will try to not make a habit of it.

We will be allowing nightly closures of eastbound I-10 - that's total closures of the main lanes - through the week with the exception of Wednesday night (Spurs celebration). The idea is to hurry along prep work to get into that next big phase, which will mean major traffic switches at DeZavala Road. Crews will shut lanes down at 8:30 p.m., with at least one lane open unto midnight. At midnight the road will be totally closed, and lanes will reopened by 5:30 a.m.

The traffic shift on I-10 at DeZavala is planned for June 27, assuming planned work this month is done in its appointed time. Recent weather events could disrupt this schedule, but we are hoping it doesn't. Before. We get there, Webber will be working on the eastbound exit to DeZavala, which has been closed for a few weeks already. That exit will remain closed, though work to rebuild it will likely be done much sooner, until early fall. We've got some concern with the proximity if the exit ramp to a temporary entrance ramp from UTSA Blvd. The permanent ramps will be spaced well enough, but we have issues with the temporary ramps. Until the permanent entrance ramp is built, we'll keep the exit closed.

The westbound exit to DeZavala will permanently close June 19. Those headed to DeZavala will use the Woodstone exit ramp, which will have two lanes exiting at Woodstone. Webber is also adjusting the entrance ramp from Huebner, and a temporary ramp will be opened the middle of next week. The current westbound entrance ramp, up on top of the hill by Joe's Crab Shack, will be closed.

All of those changes get us ready for the big shift starting June 27. The plan for the weekend is a bit complex, and will impact traffic through the entire weekend:

Beginning Friday (June 27), Webber will close all lanes of DeZavala Road at I-10. This includes the turnarounds on both sides. Traffic will use the turnarounds at Huebner Rd or UTSA Blvd to reach its destination. Crews will close lanes of eastbound I-10 (the number of lanes hasn't been determined yet - that's being discussed) to begin demo work on the eastbound bridge.

Pedestrians will not be allowed through the intersection during this weekend.

Eastbound main lanes will reopen early Saturday morning, but the DeZavala intersection will stay closed until late Sunday night. The turnarounds at DeZavala will remain closed for about a year - they are being moved and rebuilt, and will be open when they are completed.