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Tuesday, September 23

Wurzbach Parkway progress

The threat of rain over the weekend, and wet weather spread intermittently through the last two weeks, pushed back planned closures on Jones-Maltsberger and on Starcrest. Texas Sterling Construction did not close the roads over the weekend to lay the final surface of asphalt on these roads, opting instead to close lanes of Jones-Maltsberger daily the rest of this week.

Work will begin at 8:30 a.m. and wrap up by 4:30 p.m. each day. Paving crews will close a single lane in each direction during this timeframe, bottling traffic down to a single lane each way. This is in line with long-term traffic configurations we've had on Jones-Maltsberger during most of the project's duration.

Saturday and Sunday Texas Sterling will close Starcrest Road at Wurzbach Parkway to lay the final surface of asphalt. Traffic will follow the Parkway to a Jones-Maltsberger to reach Starcrest. Local traffic to Texas Disposal Systems and Gardenville will reach these businesses via their normal routes in and out of the facility, but the going will be a little slower. Work will begin at sunrise, with closures continuing until the work is complete.

Beyond this work, Texas Sterling still has some short portions of concrete rail to build, pavement lane markers to paint and street lights and traffic signals to turn on.  With that and the finishing touches left, project bosses are confident they'll have the Parkway opened between jones-Maltsberger and Wetmore by mid-October.

On the final segment, spanning West Avenue to Jones-Maltsberger, Williams Brothers is focusing efforts on bridge work on U.S. 281 at Bitters Road and on the Parkway overpass approaching Hwy 281. Utilities crews are working in a few drain inlet structures throughout the project and are tying in a few remaining water lines.

Project supervisors say the final segment should be complete and in us by mid-2015.