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Thursday, November 13

A little tweak on I-10 near Ralph Fair Road

Earlier this year, when the frontage roads of I-10 were converted to one-way between Ralph Fair Road and Boerne Stage Road in the Leon Springs area, a small segment of frontage road between Autumn Stage Road and Boerne Stage Road was left two-way to facilitate traffic during the county's Boerne Stage Road project.

As of Monday, November 17, that small segment will be permanently converted to one-way traffic. Traffic that used Autumn Stage Road to reach the Stage Run subdivision will need to use Boerne Stage Road and Baywater Stage Road.

The good news: This should significantly help traffic at I-10 and Boerne Stage Road, allowing us to time the traffic signals to allow a stronger flow of traffic in various directions. The difference won't be huge, but it should be enough to improve the commutes of those driving through the area just a little.

Meanwhile, crews with Sundt Construction are planning to switch traffic on Ralph Fair Road onto the new bridge surface the weekend of November 21-23. That switch won't make a huge dent in traffic flow over the weekend, but should cause a bit of slowing.

With traffic off the old bridge, Sundt will be ready to demolish the structure to make way for the new bridge taking its place. That demolition is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of December 5-8. That work will require the full closure of I-10 at Ralph Fair Road, similar to the closures we've used before.

Remember: right now the December 5-8 schedule is tentative.