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Tuesday, November 4

Temporary closures this week for Loop 1604 expansion

Williams Brothers Construction will close Bowens Crossing during daytime hours this week to build a drain structure underneath. This will limit access significantly for residents in the neighborhoods in the area. The work is weather dependent; because of the amount of dirt work involved, heavy rains could push the work back a few days.

Thursday the lane coming off Loop 1604 to get to Bowens Crossing will close. Those trying to reach their homes through Bowens Crossing will need to use New Guilbeau Road and April Bend. Friday the lane entering Loop 1604 from Bowens Crossing will close, pushing traffic from those neighborhoods onto New Guilbeau.

Both closures will run from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., with the intent of avoiding impact on peak traffic hours. Those driving through the area should expect delays.

Building drain structures in halves is typical where drain structures cross streets or driveways. This location is a little unique just in the way Bowens Crossing reaches Loop 1604. Doing such work in halves allows access while getting work through intersections and driveways complete.

With the drainage structures in place, Williams Brothers will be able to continue work on the northbound frontage road. The frontage road will cross over Bowens Crossing and run right along the property line off the Chevron gas station at the corner.

The northbound main lanes of Loop 1604 in that area will be shifted over slightly from the location of the current lanes as they approach the future overpass at New Guilbeau.