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Friday, November 7

How it's going on Fred-Med

At midnight last night Texas Sterling Construction closed all lanes of Fredericksburg Road at Medical Drive. This morning, traffic on northbound Fredericksburg Road was backed up nearly to Callaghan Road, but that backup subsided by midday.

Police officers are deployed at strategic intersections to keep traffic flowing through the area, and will remain in use while the road is closed. That, combined with what seems like an abundance of drivers successfully seeking alternate routes, seems to have delays down to a minimum at the Medical Center.

Dirt crews are busily digging away the dirt under what was the road surface of Fredericksburg Road. Excavation should finish up by tomorrow (Saturday) morning, allowing bridge crews to begin pushing the bridge decks into place.

The lateral slide process will take most of the weekend, and should be finished by Monday morning.

Texas Sterling Construction is on pace to have the intersection reopened by the end of next week - nearly half the allotted time to do the necessary work.