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Friday, December 12

Fred-Med: the way moving forward

Now that we've wrapped up the first-ever (in Texas) lateral bridge slide on the Fred-Med project, it's time for a run-down on what to expect and what our project timeline is from here on out.

First, we're on pace to have the project substantially completed within the first eight weeks of the new year - which is in accord with our contracted schedule. That means we're on time with this project and, with a little luck, we may actually wrap up work a few weeks early.

The overwhelming majority of work moving forward is on the Medical Drive through lanes, under Fredericksburg Road. That work is being done behind barrier and won't impact daily traffic. We've also got some concrete work (curbs, sidewalks, barriers...) throughout the project, which may require occasional overnight closures.

When crews are ready to lay base layers of asphalt on the Medical Drive through lanes, we might plan for some minor closures to allow trucks to get into or out of the work zone ... but those closures will be kept at an absolute minimum.

When we're ready to have the through lanes opened up in the next few weeks, we'll be finished with just about everything except the final layer of asphalt.

That final surface is tricky - if the weather is too cold or we rush things, the surface is rough and we end up with a bumpy ride. The project engineer has said he intends to hold off on the final surface until sometime in March. That may mean traffic on the Medical Drive through lanes could be opened up on the roadway subsurface for just a few weeks, allowing traffic to flow sooner rather than later.

By the way, if you're interested in the bridge slide, here's an incredible package of videos.